The Ego is Scary!

The Ultimo Olleh!

I have been really annoyed over the last few days. I have started a new sci-fi game, where you are a bounty hunter.

Okay, here is my problem. I have redone view.000 so that it will be a spacecraft from the top down, similar to the driving scenes in the old PQ games. But, it still shows the original view that comes with the Template game, and I don't even have it in the views list.

Can someone tell me whats happening? And why my view isn't showing up?
AGI1122 Well check the directory of the game and make sure that view.000 doesn't exist in the directory other wise the SCI interpreter will use that. Also be sure to delete all extra copies of view.000 from the resource file.
mr-t Go resource > Rebuild resources
Eigen Did you make the view with SCI Graphic studio or SCI Studio view editor. Are you sure you have added the view to the game?
The Ultimo Well, i have checked and there was a view.000. I deleted the file and it is now working with the view I created. :)

Thanks for your help guys. And by the way, I haven't heard of SCI Graphic studio. Is it better to use than the editor that comes with SCI Studio?
AGI1122 Actually it is better to use the built in tools than it is to use graphic studio.
Eigen built in view editor sometimes screws up the view totally and I have to do it again. I don't have this problem with SCI graphic studio.
AGI1122 Well it will be fixed in the next release of SCI Studio.
The Ultimo I have that same problem that Eigen said. The views get screwed up. So, should I start using the Graphic Studio until the next release of SCI Studio comes out?

- Ultimo
The Ultimo One more thing while i'm in the Ego thing.

Does anyone know how to have it so that you go to another room when you touch an Act class view. I have tried a few things, but nothing worked.

And if I can't get that to work, does anyone know how to go to another room if you type in a command, such as for my sci-fi game 'land on planet'?

Thanks again. And sorry if i'm being a pain in the ass newbie. I just really want to make a good game.

- Ultimo
Robin_Gravel Yes you can.

in the preview room (in the spaceship)

(send gEgo:
posn(5 160)
(send gRoom:newRoom(x))

It should work.

May I suggest to download DG: I want my c64 back

The scripts are encluded with the game.

Robin Gravel
The Ultimo Thanks Robin.

That piece of code that you gave worked. I can now have it so that your man will now be able to leave his ship and traverse unknown worlds, and board dangerous ships. :)

- Ultimo
RJD Hey The Ultimo! I'm curious, since you appear to be a Star Wars fan, does your bounty hunter game have anything to do with SW??
The Ultimo It might have a few references to it. So if you're thinking that the character is going to be Boba Fett, then no. :'(

And I will be having a whole heap of sci-fi movie references in it.
A few are as follows:

Day the Earth Stood Still
Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy
Star Wars
Star Trek
Dr Who
Forbidden Planet
Space Quest... Yay! :)
Battlestar Galactica
Last Starfighter
Flash Gordon

These a just few of the references I am going to make. I am even going to have the wrestler Undertaker appear in it, since he played a Bounty Hunter in a Hulk Hogan movie. "You're a Dead Man Ramsey!"

- Ultimo