The first AGI fan game?

juncmodule Does anyone know what the first AGI fan game was? I'm just kind of curious. I think it would be interesting to put together a chronology of fan games.

Robin_Gravel I'm not sure but, the weather program made in russians.

The first english fan agi game I know is The ruby cast.

When I came to the agi community, The ruby cast, F**k Quest, Dave's quest. Acidopolis, Dashiki (ega and vga),
Escape Quest, Goodman, Jen's Quest, The Legendary Harry Soupsmith, and probability others are already available.

Robin Gravel
Joey hey is the legendary harry soupsmith abandoned? i like that game but there wasnt much done.
AGI1122 The first fan made/english AGI game WAS ruby quest.

And yes Harry Soupsmith is abandoned.
Joel I think all of those that Robin mentioned, except the two Dashiki games, were available before I released Jen's Quest.

And, if I'm not mistaken, F@#! Quest was the first completed fan game.
sonneveld Magnus Kristiansen, the guy who was working on Harry Soupsmith is still around and answers his emails occasionally :) If you ask politely, he might have a later unfinished demo of Harry Soupsmith.

makris at online dot no

- Nick
juncmodule I started doing this...but then I realized that it could get pretty insane...

History of the tools:
Peter Kelly begins work on AGI Studio in September 1997
Peter Kelly Releases AGI Studio source code May 1999
Lance Ewing releases PICedit

History of the Games:
The ruby cast by Lance Ewing   -- 1998
F**k Quest by Richard Eter   -- 1998
Dave's quest by David Smith   -- May 1999 to March 2002
The Grateful Dead by John Collier
Acidopolis by Neutron
Dashiki (ega and vga)
Escape Quest by Rainer De Temple
Goodman by Slavei Karadjov
Jen's Quest
The Legendary Harry Soupsmith by Magnus Kristiansen
Escape from the Desert by Nuno Costa
Botz by Nat Budin
The Lost Planet by Nick Hudson
Jeff's Quest by Jeff Stewart
Go West, Young Hippie! by Jeremiah Kauffman
Jack & Julia: VAMPYR by Kenneth Bernholm, David Smith, and Adam McCoy

Would anyone with a treasure trove of knowledge be interested in taking it over or helping me with it? I'm sure there are some of these that people just know the answers to with out looking it up.

Oh and two fun sites I came across during my searches:

Kick but pic tutorial:

old fan-made games:
mr-t You really should put the Russian tools in the 'tools' bit...

Edit : That page taught me about priorities ;D
Joel Well, I can't say I know for sure when Jen's Quest was originally released...but my last modification date on the file is 10/22/98 and the (ahem, outdated) information on the Ultimate AGI & SCI Website says that the last modification date was 10/22/98, so I'd say it's safe to assume that Demo 1 of Jen's Quest was released on October 22, 1998.

And according to an old AGI Online file I have, it was officially abandoned on July 17, 1999, though I had probably stopped working on it long before then.

The game was resumed some time in November 2001 and Demo 2 was released on May 21, 2002.
Rich Yep, the first completed AGI game was in fact my own game, F#$@ Quest! I was very proud of that fact, and I publicised it. :) Anyhow, Ruby Cast was actually the first incomplete AGI game to be released... that is a demo or work in progress or whatever you want to call it. In between those I can only recall such games as Dave's Quest, Jeff's Quest, The Lost Planet (early, early version)... can't remember what else. Oh, let's not forget Ralph's Quest. LOL.
gpm I agree that *Fudge* Quest was the first completed game, but I find it strange that nobody has yet mentioned URI Quest by Jeff Carroll. That game was completed very early 1999.

Apparently his buddies liked URI Quest so much that they've been suggesting he make another AGI game (according to the message board on his site). I always wondered if he'd ever make a sequel to that -- considering it was called "Chapter 1: The Freshman Encounter".
Tarison! Yes, URI Quest was definitely one of the first full games I remember, though. The list seems pretty accurate, though I'm surprised Rich remembers the early, early version of TLP -- I forgot I released that one. hehehe
Tarison Actually, went over the beta Rich referred to (can be found at, and TLP began in-around May 98. Of those at the time, I distinctly remember Dave's Quest. hehe.
df the first completed game would be the russian game...

some of the early demos looked really good, shame so many are incomplete. i remmeber one about a car on a highway? was it jack and julia vampyre? my memory is foggy..

i also remember using acidopoulos for testing.. and a few others, rubycast, etc..
Kon-Tiki Yep, that's Jack and Julia. I remember playing it when I started out. After the thing started up, I was in awe of the graphics and the atmosphere. When I found out what you can do and how big it was, I was disappointed though, seeing such a magnificent game going to waste.

Oh, before I forget: isn't SQ: TLC one of those really early fanmade games ass swell?

Joey wow. rich has finally posted. he hasnt posted in a while. or maybe he did cause i havent been coming here lately. :-
Rich No, Joey, I haven't been around because I've been occupied with life beyond AGI...

To clarify for everyone, I released F@#$ Quest in September 1998. It was the first fully completed AGI game that I ever came across. I don't know what this Russian game is that you mentioned.
URI Quest came out after. So did Residence 44 Quest or whatever. Ruby Cast was either late 97 or early 98. Dave's Quest was early 98. Jeff's Quest and The Lost Planet were mid 98. My memory is pretty foggy on the other games. I remember Jack and Julia being around the same time as Fuck Quest... perhaps a little earlier...
Brian_Provinciano The first AGI game other than the Russian AGDS, even before AGI Studio, was "Room Quest" or "Someone's Name Quest", I don't quite remember. There wasn't much to it at all, just a room, and proof that AGI had been hacked.
Zero2003 Thoes where the good old days I remeber comeing to perter kellys site and agi studio was not even made yet !!! :)
06dude When did the Space Quest Lost Chapter game come out? It couldn't have been too recent, could it? ???
smartguy240 seems like it was about a year ago wasnt it?