Profane in here wants to know how to play

nuno Ok, before you start to laugh at me I must say I know nothing about computers(I do even use windows!), and I want to play your games but the zip file has no exe, setup... What do I do to play them? thanx!
juncmodule I think SCI games all have an .exe but, I may be wrong :P. AGI games use a .com file. In some instances when you download an AGI game you may need an interpreter, I would recommend NAGI ( for this.

If you have any other problems please let us know we will be glad to help.

Good luck,
Kon-Tiki SCI-games should indeed have a .exe file. If they don't have, try copying one from another game (don't know if that works, but it does in AGI). If that doesn't work, try using FreeSCI. It's the SCI-equivalent of NAGI and is available at Brian's site

juncmodule You might want to go here for the newest version of FreeSCI. Brian probably has an old version on his site. I have found that the old version are VERY buggy. The newest version seems to have corrected most of these problems. There is another version coming out sometime around the end of the year....