smartguy240 I have added Screenshots of PQAGI to my webpage along with some music and updated may visit this page by going to

or just by looking in my profile ;D

Tell me what you think of the pics...
smartguy240 So am i being ignored or what?
juncmodule No, you're not being ignored. Not many people post here is all. The AGI/SCI community needs a advertising campaign ;D.

Anyway, things are looking good. What is the plot?

EDIT: Wait, is this the project you ditched?

smartguy240 I am like 98% gonna ditch this project..wrapit up...done? but i guess if yall like the screen shots...ill kepep it going....NO PLOT..or wait...I guess there is a little one...collect all the green coins by doing good deeds...? Oh welll
Thanks Junc...
bokkers The screenshots look real good. Some more detail would be neat though.

It could make a great game so why not give it a try?
smartguy240 well i dont know about REAL good buy... ill take your word on it... i have like um....2 pics that i took from sierra games...and placed them on the map...but i didnt post them...they all have different stuff though...Do you think i sould keep the Green coins thingy?
bokkers I personally would say drop the coins for some "real" objects. If you're looking for a goodguy, why not take some kind of anti-hero, whom you would normally not expect to be a hero, like for example..... a janitor! ;)
Or it could be a busdriver/tramdriver/movie director. It could even be a politician!

smartguy240 Politicial <> badguy? I always thought they were evil ;D

Ummm well...maybe to get into a castle or something you need 5 green coins of varoius types? Would that work?

BTW Shouldi post the Sierra screen shots from my game that i altered??
juncmodule How much did you alter them? Why not just retrace over them, make them unique, make them yours.

Honestly, if you would like some advice on drawing backgrounds, I strongly recommend trying to redraw Sierra backgrounds. First, start with exact copies, then later start adding things that you like. Your backgrounds aren't all that bad, you need to work on perspective and detail. I think reworking some Sierra drawings can help you with that. I can't draw at all and you saw my backgrounds. It's just a matter of learning the "Sierra Technique".

As far as plot goes, if you want to pick this game back up, but, you're kind of bored with it, take what you have and rebuild a plot around that. At least all of those backgrounds won't go to waste.

good luck,
It's just a matter of learning the "Sierra Technique".

Absolutely true. I found that already altering Sierras rooms and having a look at how they place(d) objects on the screen very insightful.
It's really fascinating how their style creates good-looking 3D-effects with easy-to-adapt techniques.
The way to use matching colours (e.g. light and dark green) for light effects is for example a great thing that you can easily recreate. Just look at the bushes and trees in Sierra-games.
Keep on painting!
smartguy240 Well i just like put paths through the rooms...added trees...added rocks...and added shadows and objectes and stuff...

umm ill post them later at my site
SGreenslade What is that blue thing in the background near the forest in the tree screenshot?
smartguy240 The bow? You have to give this to the tree

I added 4 more to be exact ;)

I want to release a demo...what files do i have to zip...what do i need to do ???
Zonkie Basically include all the files that are in the game directory, like all vol files, logdir, object, picdir, snddir, viewdir, words.tok and maybe the interpreter files. But if you only zip the game files it'll be fine for most of us I guess. Also, if you want you can include the source folder, which gives other users the chance to look at the uncompiled code of your game to learn from it.
smartguy240 Well se..I have like 8000000 files in the folder that my game is in...i dont need to incluse all those do i? JUST the ones that you mentioned?
juncmodule [attachment deleted by admin]
smartguy240 OK should i include NAGI instead of the Sierra thingy?
juncmodule Since I like NAGI so much I would say yes. Perhaps include both though, there may be some freak of nature out there that actually doesn't like NAGI :P. I would check out Nick's site for details on how to package it and all that.
smartguy240 just put it in the directory...ok ill make a demo thingy...later
mr-t IMO, it would be a better idea to include the Sierra interpreter.
sonneveld Mr T:

true.. but what about people who's computers can't run Sierra's original AGI? I hear about a lot of people who run XP and can't run it. Or people with certain video cards who get corrupted text.

I'm not trying to plug my interpreter. Use Sarien, AGIL or NAGI, but I would recommend a cloned version for windows as opposed to DOS.

- Nick
smartguy240 Yeha in the origonal interpreter (on XP for me) I can have the Menu...the Inventory...or SOUND!!!??!?!

That is why i use Nick here's NAGI! It Rocks
smartguy240 I put new pic (screenshot) and a link to the AGI webring on my page today!!!