smalltown quest - screenshots

reinier Hi everyone at AGIBoard...

three years ago i started making my own agi-game, called small town quest. i have finished a good 60 or 70 rooms and half a demo. since inspiration has been lacking for quite a while now, i decided to put up my screenshots on and abandon the project for now. maybe i will pick it up again if reactions are good. hope you like the rooms...

reinier feijen
bokkers What?
You must be joking if you say you're gonna abandon this. Man, these are some of the finest AGI-graphics I've ever seen. You can't just throw all that away.

But I do understand very well how as an amateur adventure game author you get frustrated with things progressing so slowly and the amount of work that is left to do getting bigger and bigger the more you do.

So, I'd like to offer you my cooperation on anything you need. Backgrounds (although I think you wont need much help on these), sprites, logic scripts, music - You name it, I'll do it. If you want to see what I've been doing lately, check out

This game can't be abandoned without a single demo ever seeing the light of day.

AGI1122 I must agree with Bjoern, those graphics are amazing. Please don't give up on this game.

Trust me, sometimes projects can be frustrating, but this game has alot of potiential and I would say it rivals any of the graphic work done by Sierra(which only a handfull of fan AGI games have done). I urge you to continue the game, and I am sure everyone else agrees and would love to see and play your game. :)
Kon-Tiki Crap-y'r-pants-and-call-it-Suzy! 60 or 70 rooms, all with that quality of pics! (I especially like the lighting effects) You know, lots of full Sierra AGI-games have around 70 rooms, with picture quality that has difficulties matching up to this. It would really be a pitty to see this go to waste.

MagickPoultry I'm inclined to agree with everyone else. 60 or 70 rooms is a lot. It would be a shame to abandon that much work, especially when it looks to be very high quality.
jelleghys You see this smiley: :o well that's how I looked when I saw your pictures. They are just awesome!!! No kidding, they are in my top 3 (including Sierra games!)

But,... another important thingy here is: ... tadaa... the story. Tell us about it!

- J :o ll :o
sonneveld If these comments don't encourage you to work on your game (and you should only work on it if YOU want to), it should at least help acknowledge your talents and encourage you to work on other projects.

- Nick
Andrew_Baker It's good. I'd highly recommed that you release this game to your waiting fans ;)
SGreenslade Like the others said it would be foolish to abandon a project that has so much already invested in it.

On the other hand, if you wish to donate these backgrounds, I'd be willing to safekeep them for you. ;D (scratch that, just kidding0
The Ultimo HOLY SHIT!!!

These have to be some of the best graphics I have ever seen. Definately, in my opinion, better than Sierra games.
I started doing a game in AGI, but switched to SCI when I realised I wouldn't be able to do the graphics as good as i'd hope. But maybe i'm thinking different now.

Man, don't give up on your project. Start it up again and finish the game. You have seen all the other replies, all positive.

- Ultimo

ps. The first four shots reminded me of Pitfall on Atari. ;D
Joel I'm going with everyone else here. Those graphics are really good. I'd say there's probably interest in the game.
Joey These graphics are better that sierra's!!!!! you cant abandon this. please dont. this looks like a lot of hard work put into this. atleast release what you have.