kool agi sitte i found!

AGIGUY ifound kool agi site.its calld chris agi webpage.i t got alot fanmade agi games!chek it out the lenk iss agigames.com. kool huh??
AGI1122 I think they already know about this site, it is my site. ;)
smartguy240 Yes, AGIGUY, that is most definantally a kool agi site...all of your agiing needs may be found at this "kool" website!
AGI1122 LOL, such great compliments. :)
smartguy240 Oh but such a great website... ;)
bokkers AGIGUY is right, the site is absolutely kool. But I think he got the spelling wrong: wasnt the site kalled Kris' AGI-page? ;)

smartguy240 Heh...NO

just kidding everyone. Chris's site has everything an AGI programmer would want. although i dont know if he has the newer agi studio and stuff.
AGI1122 I only have 1.35 or at least I think that is the version I have... ::)