What is the Newest Template Available?

smartguy240 The titile asks it...
Andrew_Baker Chris Cromer should have the latest template at www.agigames.com
AGI1122 http://www.agigames.com/site.php?page=utils to be more precise. ;D
smartguy240 So that IS the newest Template? Ok thanks
AGI1122 Yes it IS, I have been taking care in keeping the template up to date.
smartguy240 Heh ok thanks...

BTW is it the same one that came packaged with AGI STUDIO 1.36?

BTW2 is there any view editor alternatives...besides 1.31?
AGI1122 Nope it isn't mine is newer, I updated it to fix some bugs.

And you should try the latest beta release to see if that will fix the bug.
smartguy240 Latest Beta of the VIEW Editor or of AGI STUDIO? ???
AGI1122 AGI Studio :P

Come on, you know that the view editor doesn't come seperatly. :P
smartguy240 Yeah...isnt that 1.36? I have that
smartguy240 Oh wow...I just looked at Erics page and 1.37 is out! Sorry...I guess i just over looked it... :-\