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Robin_Gravel Nagi detects V demo 2 an agi v3.x. I used agi v3.x from a demo (KQ4) in Brian's site but it doesn't work.

Where I can find the version of agi who can work with v or v is another game who works only on nagi?

Robin Gravel
sonneveld thank god for nagi's automatic version detection eh?

All agi interpreters have a game id set in their exe file like "PQ" or "KQ4" or "DM" (like the kings quest 4 demo)

In version 2 interpreters, when you run the logic command set.game.id("id"), the interpreter checks against their own game id and if it differs then it quits. This is why you don't set the game id in version 2 games so it will run on any old interpreter.

However, in version 3 interpreters, it needs the game id for two things:

1) checking set.game.id() as stated above.
2) v3 file names

v3 file names are in the format KQ4VOL.1 or KQ4DIR. The interpreter knows it starts with "KQ4" cause it reads in the game id from itself and checks for files that start with that.

NAGI does it differently. it checks for files that end in "DIR" and then reads the start of that file to get the game id and sets the version to a generic v3 game. (or something like that)

So if you want the V demo to work with the kq4 demo interpreter.. you will have to edit the interpreter or rename the files to DMDIR and DMVOL.1 etc etc.. since the interpreter will have the preset game id of "DM".

Hope that helped.

- Nick
Robin_Gravel Thanks for the info Nick. I'll check it out.

Robin Gravel
Robin_Gravel No memory
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Ho boy! V demo and Naturette 2 are the same point:
none of theses games can't work on the original AGI interpreters.

Naturette 2 uses agimouse to work and V demo 2 uses Nagi (maybe Sarien) to work.

Thanks Nick.
bokkers Hello everybody,

I used agi v3.x from a demo (KQ4) in Brian's site but it doesn't work.
Where I can find the version of agi who can work with v or v is another game who works only on nagi?

NAGI is the only interpreter I could run V with. That it doesn't run with Sierra's interpreter at all we knew since we came up with the idea to have music running through the whole intro, as that means putting all of the intro (about 20 screens) into one single logic. That is the reason why you will never have a chance of running V with Sierra's AGI.
For that reason we included NAGI in the zipfile, so that the player has an exe-File which he can directly start.

I hope nobody else has had problems running it.
I think however that you didnt have problems running it on NAGI, but tried Sierra's interpreter for nostalgia-reasons. That's really understandable as it's also the first think I check if I get my hands on a new AGI-game ;)

AGI1122 Actually V does work on an AGI v3 interpreter. Of course it had to make a tiny hack in it to work(very simple to do with Visual C++) that made it work fully with a v3 interpreter.

I will see about getting an AGI interpreter together to release it with.
AGI1122 Alright I have V and the v3 interpreter packaged here: http://www.agigames.com/vagi.zip

As you can see it works just fine with the v3 interpreter. The interpreter I used came from Manhunter 2.
Robin_Gravel The game freezes somewhere in the intro.

Robin Gravel
bokkers Hi,
I've tried it and it worked fine on my pc. Cool. :)

Robin_Gravel [attachment deleted by admin]
AGI1122 Hmmm your right it does freeze... but that can't really be helped, the intro uses alot of memory. :-\

We include NAGI with it for a reason, it supports v3 games and commands(which are used in the game at certain points).
I was speaking I'm using sierra interpreter that Chris told me, not using Nagi.

Have you tried the package? Because that one worked for me.

Robin_Gravel If you're talking about VAGI.ZIP. Yes I used this package.

If you're talking about another package, let me know.

Robin Gravel
bokkers Now I see what you mean. I hadn't watched the intro this far the first time.
Hmm, seems as NAGI is really the only interpreter working. But as V is kind of optimized for NAGI (4 channel sound), that's not very tragic.

AGI1122 Actually I beleive it works with Sarien as well.
Robin_Gravel Thanks Bokkers and Chris.

I can bypass the intro and play the game.

Robin Gravel
sonneveld has the intro been modifed since I got it working on the original interpreters?

- Nick
AGI1122 Nope, your code is crashing when it gets there. :-\