PQAGI Isn't down the drain anymore!!!

smartguy240 OK GUYS...I have finally determined that i will most likely put Patrick' Quests AGI to a close and start a new game...

Marching Band Legends....


Dont laugh...



I see that PQAGI isnt going anywhere.. no new ideas... i can just use it as a template or something... ::)

Anyways...yah...you get the picture
Joey Marching Band Legends. Hmmmm. Ok. Any work on it yet?
smartguy240 Havent evern started it...Ill probabally turn out like a game where you have to survive Band camp... believe me that is REALLY hard 8)
mr-t Marching band legends?

smartguy240 Yes...you must survive band camg Mr. T
Posted by: Mr. T Posted on: 14-Nov-02, 10:24pm
Marching band legends?


I think SMG said not to laugh. ::) plus i think it is a good idea. there is really no agi games revolving around music or bands. except for that one eigen is making, but it isnt done yet.
smartguy240 I really think that since i have actually been there and done it and experianced the 13 hr a day practice...that it is worth making a survival game over...

Yes Mr. T i am not sating this in a joking matter ::)

Anyways... Ill wrap up the ever so short PQAGI and post it somewhere...
smartguy240 Yeah i was going to post this ego that i drew...but i forgot when i saved the file to the game that the piece of shit view editor saves it as a black square >:(

Can anyone redo this program so that the View editor works...I know i could use 1.31 but i want to and need to use 1.36....
smartguy240 Oh well...due to popular damand... i will keep Patrick's Quest AGI running!!!

Post any ideas
Joey was it me that demanded?

see people, just a little complimenting on work will get an author back on track. ;) smg im glad to hear you will continue this game. i cant wait to see it.
sonneveld Have you tried the latest beta version of AGI Studio:


It *might* help with the view problem.

- Nick
smartguy240 Yeah i tried it the other day... it still is might a bit screwy on the views... ::) BUT thanks anyways Eric...We are grateful that you have been putting these new versions out for us to enjoy!

BTW: Nick is there going to be any new versions of NAGI to come out?
sonneveld I'm working on compilers at the moment but the source for NAGI is available. you're welcome to add any feature yourself :)

- Nick
smartguy240 Compiliers...for AGI?
sonneveld *sigh* yes.

- Nick
smartguy240 Sorrry Just wondering...HEY i mean it could have been for SCI or something... ::) :P
smartguy240 Guys i seriously cant get Vector to work...i have tried opening it in like 3 ways...all result in it starting then exiting...I dont really like PICEDIT..and i think that Vector is the answer... can ANYONE give me an alternate way to get vector to LOAD and NOT CLOSE? I also need to know what to do after that :-\
Zonkie Have you added the command line parameters to Vector? It doesn't have an interface like AGISE for example, but it uses the filenames that you put into it and converts it.

From the readme file:
* Command line parameters

VECTOR.EXE [options] <input> <output>

input:      the input file (BMP, PCX, TGA)
output:   the output file (AGI picture resource)


-p <prio> uses the given file as the priority map
-v enables the onscreen view of the generated image
-w makes the program wait after each screen shape has been drawn

That should make it work.
smartguy240 so like this?

vector.exe -p prio.bmp visual.bmp picture.000

i did that and i got a NOTHING file...but when i used like jsut

vector.exe -v visual.bmp picture.000

I got a picture rescource...is there a way to make a prio resource using this...eg..will it make them into one...if so...what is the arrangement i need to do?
mr-t Marching Band Madness sounds like a cool name ;D
smartguy240 Read the title PQAGI Isn't down the drain anymore!!!

I might be able to use that terrific tilie or take that into consideration when i do that game after i finish this one....thanks anyways
Zonkie I'm not sure if you can also make a priority screen at the same time using Vector, but adding a priority screen to an existing pictures should be fairly easy, because you have all the lines on the visual screen already and can just trace them. Also, I think the options part of the command line parameters is optional, so if you just leave that out the pictures should come out normally as well.
smartguy240 No porb there...jkust do them individually you say...or i guess it would be simple to do that and then to just DRAW the Prio in on PICEDIT... man we need a new PICEDIT...wasnt there a beta going around al ong time ago? What ever happened to it?
Zonkie Do you mean APE, Another Picture Editor, or what it was called? It sounded really promising with moving objects and 3D perspective, but I haven't heard anything of it for a while though...

I just checked the site, there seems to be no update lately. I hope he hasn't given up working on it...
smartguy240 Yes that is what i was talking about... i remeber it was being talked about a while back...had a really good screenshot...yeah...what ever happened to it?