What games are under development?

Eigen What fan-made SCI games are there currently under development. I only know two completed games. DG and Al Pond 2. Any other games?

mr-t Fuulong Moon, a Sci-Fi game, is under quite heavy development, and a demo is expected by (at the latest) 2003.
juncmodule I have a cyberpunk game under development which will be ported to SCI EGA after I complete it. I only have a working title right now...trying to come up with something final. You can check out some info on it here: http://www.juncmodule.com/cyberpunk/gameprep.html
I will be able to spend at least two weeks solid on graphics around mid-december so I expect to have one version completed at the end of December and the SCI version completed in early January.

Hopefully by mid december SCI EGA 1.4 will be released...

AGI1122 Well I have my game, it is going to be SCI VGA, I started drawing the VGA views, but will have to do the rest once SCI Studio VGA is released.
Pikachu14 Larry IV - The Missing Floppies. Story's at 30% according to Kon Tiki, the rest follows when SCIVGA is released.
The Ultimo I've got Rulers of the Ring under development. It is a crime adventure game, where you have to discover who is the killer of your wrestling manager.
Decided to do this as my first game, because wrestling is my biggest passion and i know a shitload about backstage politics and stuff.

It is currently only SCI EGA, but hopefully VGA will be released soon, and i'll convert it.

http://tdrdesign.cjb.net is the official site of my developments, so check there for any more info, which there isn't much of at the moment.
RJD This is my first time responding to anything, but I have finished a short demo of "Space Quest 3 1/2"
I might not give it to the public for a couple more weeks, because I have bugs that need to be fixed and some sloppy artwork here and there, and I might make it longer. Who knows, I have the whole week off of school because of Thanksgiving. Things happen. ;)
The Ultimo Space Quest 3 1/2?

Is it sorta like SQ: Lost Chapter or something like that?
Or is it just half of SQ3? ???
RJD Don't mock my ways! ;D "Space Quest 3 1/2" is somewhat like SQ:TLC, but it isn't half of SQ3. Supposodly, there are 2 SQ7s in the making. I didn't feel like I should make a third. VONSTER D. MONSTER took between SQ2 and SQ3 (And made a great game! ;D). I was stuck, and, because I have long been a SQ fan and knew I should make a SQ game. I eventually came up with Space Quest 3 1/2. Partly because the graphics would fit in perfectly and partly because Space Quest 3 was/is my favorite(though its short). Do you like the name? Tell me what you think, I can still change it. I don't have many pics with "Space Quest 3 1/2" written all over it.
The Ultimo Okay, sounds cool.

Now that you've explained the name, I understand it completely, any chance we could get a basic storyline of what happens, and which games it set between? ;)
RJD Sure ;D. You're just gonna hafta wait 2 days. Sorry :'(
I can't use the computer much today or tommorrow.
>:( You are gonna hafta wait.
The Ultimo Awwwww, thats not fair! :'( ;D
RJD I must make this brief. More Later today. On way back from earth(SQ ]I
RJD Okay, I think I have more time to write now. I am starting to make big changes in the story, but this is what I have so far...

"A long time away in a galazy far, far ago..."
Our beloved broom jocky, Roger Wilco, is flying through space in The Alluminum Mallard, right after SQ3,
when (right now its Ninjas, but it could be anything) {Ninjas} attack the Mallard, and knock out and kidnap Roger! When Roger comes to, He is in the {Ninja} Fortress-place. In this exciting new "spaced out space opera"(-Two guys from Andromeda, box of SQ4) , Roger must bamboozle his way through the fortress-place and, after coming face-to-face with an old...er...."aqountince (probebly spelled wrong. Its pronounced a-koy-tance)", now a big tough bad guy out to seek revenge, Roger must get the heck outta there!

Thats it so far! ;D
Don't be afraid to tell me what you think!
The Ultimo All I have to say is... Definately leave it as ninjas. ;D

Ninjas rock!

- Ultimo
RJD Ninjas it is. I know way too much about ninjas anyway. ;D Be on the lookout for a demo soon! Hopefully by December tenth I'll release it.(Hopefully, Im adding a bunch of stuff). I have a friend who is getting cranky, so maybe it'll be sooner ;D

P.S. Do you own Star Wars: Bounty Hunter? Its awesome! ;D ;D
mr-t Wouldn't you call it SQ4? in the "real" SQ4, Roger doesn't actually play through that adventure.
RJD I guess you're right. Hmmm. I'll have to think about that :-\
The Ultimo That is a good idea... make a story based on what happens in SQ4!

Sadly though, the last console I bought was the N64. :'(
I really love Star Wars games as well, especially Rogue Leader. But I haven't played Bounty Hunter.

Oh, and here is a brief rundown of the story I'm working on for my sci-fi game (notice some ideas taken from most classic Sci-fi movies).

>>Many years ago, the Imperium came into power. They went throughout the galaxy destroying all those who opposed them, and on one fateful day, attack a peaceful world.

Many lost their lives, but the bounty hunter survived, still a boy. His family however, didn't.

Growing up in the dungeons of the Emperors fortress, he was tortured and was driven mad by the vile acts that took place. Years passed, and he was released, but into the Emperors Royal Guard. He was a powerful ally to have, and soon became the Emperor's prime assassin...

(more revealed when game demo is released).

- Ultimo
RJD AWESOME! gotta go. keep up the good work! ;)
RJD For my game, do you think it'd be Okay to somehow squeeze it between SQ3 and 4? ???
RJD wrote:

Ninjas it is. I know way too much about ninjas anyway. ;D

GREAT! You can help me with my next AGI-game 'Ninja Forever' (got the titlescreen and story in big lines ready) I'm still looking for help on details (like naming, training, history, etc) or other help on making the game ;D

RJD Sure, I'll help you! ;D
RJD Know any Japanese? ???
RJD I know a little.
Kon-Tiki I know the word kofii ('cause it's taken from my first language ;D ), but that's all Japanese I know.


P.s. Maybe we should get this conversation to the AGI-board...
Pikachu14 Abaata no Kon Tiki wa kawaii.
The Ultimo
RJD wrote:

For my game, do you think it'd be Okay to somehow squeeze it between SQ3 and 4? ???

Yeah. Cause if you look at the end of SQ3, he leaves Earth to return to Xexon. Then on his way, he stops off at the bar to tell stories (mostly made-up).... you could have the start with him retelling a story of how he was captured by Ninjas! :D

- Ultimo
RJD I know the basics of the basics, but have a lot of friends who know it much better
RJD (I was talking about Japanese) ;D
RJD Kon Tiki:

Want me to put a new post on the AGI board?
Eigen I'll make "Al Pond 3: Kony's Revenge" in SCI Vga when it comes out. :D ..... I think :P