Stupid, stupid

Andrew_Baker I'm using to fill up some parts of a template map that is the basis for this big arcade-y type sequence in the vent system of the insane asylum. I have three shafts north/south intersected by three shafts east/west. I'm using a view to block off select segments of shafts to make the final layout. For this, I'm using with the margin set to 0, so the pic will dual-function as a block (attempting to save time and code by not adding blocks).

However, the height of the resultant margin seems to be variable, so the blocks aren't really blocking anything. Is this something I'm just going to have to live with? Should I set the margin to a non-blocking priority and just manually code in my blocks? Has anyone else run into this problem with
sonneveld umm.. you know how there's rows of priority lines? and depending on where the ego is, it gets that particular priority?

Well, the black blocks at the bottom of each actually fills in the rest of that priority line that it's in. That way, the ego can't walk around the back of it and make it look crazy.

- Nick

Hope that makes sense.. :)
Andrew_Baker I have it. Instead of making the entire margin blocked, it only blocks the remainder of the priority band. That's why the heights are different sizes. Thanks.