The Tales of Boromir - An Experiment

bokkers Hi everybody.
A while ago I thought about making an AGI-game set in the LOTR-universe. For the graphics I prepared photos in Photoshop and then converted them into AGI-screens. As a result the look of it is quite weird. I dont know if it's worth the time to make a game with such a look so I thought I'd ask you to throw a look at it and tell me what you think.
In the demo which you can find at you can't do a lot of things except walking around.
What do you say: Is the graphical style OK for an AGI-game?

MagickPoultry As far as the look goes, I think it could work as long as the views fit in. Right now, the ego looks weird on the background. Besides that, the only other thing is the size of a game entirely in that style of graphics. It's already about 3mb and it's just a small test demo. How many more pictures would there be?
Robin_Gravel How about V now?

Bokkers: are you one of the authors of V?

Robin Gravel
bokkers Hi there,
True, the game gets quite big with pictures like these. Right now there are about 25 screens in it, I think a complete game would be about 40 or 50 screens.

glad you still remember "V" after all these months of nothing happening. I've done a lot of work on it during the last weeks and the second part is near completion. Watch out for it.

Robin_Gravel Hi Bokkers.

It could be hard to forget v when I heard this game will have a fighting scenes and a shooting scenes. So V looks promising to me.

Chris told me a new demo could be released but he can't put it on his web without the other V's author.

Robin Gravel
Zonkie I like the look of the game, especially some of the screens look awesome! Some others, for example when a bigger space has different shades, look a bit weird though, maybe you can change the colours a bit in Photoshop and try again? Otherwise it does look promising. If you can get a really good story together and add things that the player knows from the books/the movie, that game can become on of my favourites!

About the size: Don't feel too limited in the size. I don't know how much AGI can take, but if the graphics and the gameplay are great it would be worth some time downloading for me. It seems strange if the game is that huge, but if the quality matches its size, why not?

Andrew_Baker Wow, really good graphics. May I suggest that you scale the size of the ego based on perspective, as well as make the ego larger than normal when he is very "close" to the player.
sonneveld I like the graphics.. there needs to be more animations or else it seems like the ego is just placed on top. It reminds me of some Australian cartoons Blinky Bill or Dot where cartoons were drawn over photographic backgrounds. :)

There really needs a reminder in AGI Studio but if you rebuild the volume files, it shrinks the files down to 1 meg!

Go to the resource window in agi studio. Go to the resource menu, select "rebuild vol files"

- Nick
bokkers Hi there,

There really needs a reminder in AGI Studio but if you rebuild the volume files, it shrinks the files down to 1 meg!
Go to the resource window in agi studio. Go to the resource menu, select "rebuild vol files"

Wow! Why did I never realize this before? And I always wondered what the "rebuild VOL-files" thing was good for. Now the whole game is 800KB instead of over 2MB...
Thanks a lot.

Glad you all like the look, I'll see what I can do to improve it. Actually I plan to finish V before I move on to another game. Maybe one of you likes to help me with Boromir then. Because all alone a game takes a loooot of time as all of you know.

So long,

Robin_Gravel But don't use "rebuild VOL-files" thing on any agi Sierra games. You could just messed up and the games are stop working.

Robin Gravel
sonneveld Really? how does it break sierra's games? I thought the only problem would be you couldn't put them back onto the original disks.

- Nick
brian+corr wow i just dropped in cos i was bored and im shocked at how huge the agi communty is...

bok sorry 4 disappering like that but my email went screwy, then i lost yours, then i had exams......the list goes on

im now approaching summer holidays and i would be honoured to get back on board if you'll take me (for those that dont know me and bok were both the originator of this)

btw bok do you think the defense of osgiliath would be a good chapter?

bokkers Hi Brian,

glad you're still alive. ;)
Yeah, let's make a game out of this together.
Do you have a new email-adress?
brian yeh it

what do you think bout osgiliath? should we put it in?
what do you think bout osgiliath? should we put it in?

Err, to be honest, although I read the books some years ago, I'm not aware of what Osgiliath was. Please refresh my memory a little.
bri well osgiliath is a city that lies between minas tirith and minas morgul....the capital of gondor

by the time of the book it is in ruins from all the wars and is supposedly haunted

there is some mention about boromir + his brother faramir defending it in a big last stand kind of thing and i think they end up destroying a bridge to keep the forces of mordor away

or something... ill read up on it

bokkers Sounds great. If you like, come into the AGI chat room at I'm currently the only one in there and we can communicate more easily.
The Ultimo Just downloaded and it looks alright. I think you should clean up the pic a bit though. I could hardly see anything on the first one.

Just an opinion. Otherwise, cool.

- Ultimo