AGI Sounds

Mastercard The MIDI to Rol and blah blah blah converters aren't working on my computer. When I try to execute the program, it just opens the command screen and immediately closes it. Has this got something to do with Windows?Are there windows versions of these programs?
Zonkie Did you start them with the command line parameters? For example mf2rol name.mid . Name stands for the filename of the MIDI file. Either change the command line for the program in its properties, or run the DOS emulation and run it from there with the full file name.
Mastercard Now I can convert MIDIs to ROL,but how to use the rol2snd?If I wirte for example: rol2snd mummo.rol, it does nothing...
Andrew_Baker 1) GO TO THE DOS PROMPT!!!
2) In addition to rol2snd and the name of the rol file, you must supply the destination file.

EX. rol2snd music.rol sound.001
jelleghys No offence, but when I downloaded those programs, there was a readme file included.
Mastercard Yeah, I had a readme for the MIDI to ROL converter but the readme(read me...what the...)for the rol->sound couldn't be opened.It wasn't even a text file.
bokkers Hi there,

I discovered a cool thing some days ago: If you try to convert MIDIs from the web into AGI-sounds, often one of the two programs gives up, mostly ROL2SND with a message like "Some notes are still too low... Giving up." Now if you have a program like "Fruity loops" installed, open a MIDI-file which is making problems. You will see the different tracks with their names. Then delete all the tracks which have something to do with drums, bass guitar or effects (e.g. bass drum, snare, hihat, toms, bass, tambourine, percussion etc.) You should have only two tracks left in the end cause the ROL2SND can only handle two. Preferably you take the track with the lead voice and some strings or something like that. Try for yourselves.
After you've done that, save the song as a new MIDI-file. Then convert it. In 90% of the songs it will work and you will have your favourite tunes in your AGI game.

Good luck!