KQIII: logic problem

jelleghys Can somebody open logic 66 in KQIII? I can't, but I want to see the code...
Can somebody please post it here?

- Jelle
sonneveld there are some logics the current disassembler can't open. try the program "showlog" from brian's agi/sci site. it's a bit rough (believe me, I tried compiling it for windows.. the dos version works ok though) but might help.

I've had trouble because it can't disassemble my switch statements generated by my compiler.

has anybody else encountered logics they can't disassemble? Perhaps we should make a list here! I know there's a couple in Gold Rush and Manhunter.

- Nick

HwM Well, I don't know the exact reason, but some games which had problems earlier (with decoding logics), later on didn't... I don't know for sure why... Perhaps it has been fixed in the recent AGI Studio versions...

Anyway, the only game I've had problems with so far, is Man Hunter: New York... Specifically: LOGIC.105 and LOGIC.146...

EDIT: And, of course, SQ1's LOGIC.099 and LOGIC.100...

EDIT 2: Just what I'd expected... I re-loaded MHNY into AGIStudio (not modifing anything in both AGIStudio and the game files) and suddenly some other logics (that did decompile before) won't decompile... That's rather strange...
jelleghys KQI: No problems

  • logic.015
  • logic.032 *
  • logic.071 *
  • logic.112 *

  • logic.004 *
  • logic.011 *
  • logic.026 *
  • logic.028 *
  • logic.048 *
  • logic.049 *
  • logic.065 *
  • logic.066
  • logic.078

    Something's wrong with the version I have: can't preview A LOT of pictures, can't open LOTS of logics, and so on...

  • logic.053 *
  • logic.060 *
  • logic.062 *
  • logic.064 *
  • logic.108 *
  • logic.245
  • logic.246
  • logic.247
  • logic.248
  • logic.249
  • logic.250
  • logic.251
  • logic.252
  • logic.253
  • logic.254
  • logic.255

  • logic.010 *
  • logic.014 *
  • logic.030 *
  • logic.063 *

  • logic.048 *
  • logic.060 *
  • logic.061 *
  • logic.064 *
  • logic.065 *
  • logic.070 *
  • logic.071 *
  • logic.074 *
  • logic.075 *
  • logic.080 *
  • logic.084 *
  • logic.085 *
  • logic.123 *
  • logic.141 *

  • logic.001 *
  • logic.119 *

  • logic.011 *
  • logic.044 *

    * = block of length 0 => these can't be opened in Peter Kelly's AGI Studio, but they CAN be opened in Nailhead's versions...
    So don't mind the one with a * ! Mind the others! Specially the ones in Gold Rush!, 245-250...

    HWM: I found no troubles opening logic.099 and logic.100 in SQI

    About manhunter: I think a have a buggy version of both games (NY and SF), so I'm not going to check those games...

    - Jellerror
  • HwM Alright, I checked some more...

    - King's Quest 2 gives the same problems...
    - King's Quest 3 also, but I have another (older) version that doesn't contain LOGIC.066...
    - Goldrush doesn't give any problems at all (and it hasn't got logic 245-255)...

    Your King's Quest 4 is probably the corrupted version that is floating around...

    And SQ2 has LOTS... about 1/3 of the logics won't open... (invalid test command, block of length)

    But as I said, it seems like some logics will decompile, while other times, they won't...
    But as I said, it seems like some logics will decompile, while other times, they won't...

    Don't know if that is the problem, but you can't open logics or view pics when your game is still running...

    Your Goldrush doesn't have logics 245-255? That's strange!

    BTW: I checked PQ, look in my post above...
    jelleghys OK, I checked SQII... All I got was some "block of length 0"

    I'm going to check the game now with the latest version of AGI Studio, who knows what will turn out...
    HwM Yeah, I know about that... It occured when I first checked ManHunter... I went through all logics, one by one... Then, I restarted AGIStudio and opened ManHunter, again, and suddenly some other logics that didn't decompile, just showed... Same with SQ2 (I said in my previous post 1/3 wouldn't decompile and now all of them work)...

    But regarding Goldrush, I think there's only one version of it, however it was shipped for both 3.5" and 5.25" disks... I've got both, but neither have logic 245-255... Are they're actually being use at all..?
    jelleghys Checked SQII and Goldrush with the latest version of AGI Studio:


    logics 245-254 <= I even haven't found a logic that calls them!
    CESS.tk My Goldrush doesn't have those logics either.
    sonneveld wow.. I didn't realise the problem was so widespread. I'm definately going to look into getting a working decompiler now.

    - Nick
    Joel [attachment deleted by admin]