New game demo!!

Eigen I just finished my new game demo. It's called Band Quest. So check it out!

Download here
;D ;D :D ;) O0
sonneveld looking good so far. the game was a bit short on plot however. Hows the story?

- Nick
Eigen This is a game where you have to find your other band members and give a concert. ;D

EDIT: I'll have an updated demo up real soon.
bokkers The game looks really good. I'm really looking forward to an adventure game where you play a musician.

The menu where you can choose the character and your difficulty level is also a very neat thing.

Keep up the good work.
Joey will you get to play a song in a croud? if so, will you play as who you picked at the start?
Eigen I just uploaded the new demo. Try it now. :D
Joey i cant wait to try it, but i cant right now. when i have a chance i will.
Eigen At the moment I'm making new demo with one objective. I'll try to make it quick. ;D
Oliver I like the idea of the game ;D