Changing the Ego's View

Martin How can I change the view of my ego when he performs a certain action (like dancing or something)? When I try to change the gEgoView global variable inside a function, it doesn't take effect until the character enters a different room after the function is called.
Thank you!
Martin I'm using SCI, not AGI by the way
Brian_Provinciano You need to call the global procedure from There's info in the help file.
... whats happenin wit sci studio vga??

will it be released soon (no updates on your site lately)

when will it be released??

(just curious)
AGI1122 Go and read the other hundreds of posts in this board asking when SCI Studio VGA will be released and when will his site be updated. :P

He has not updated his site because there is nothing that needs to be said yet. And it will be released when it is ready, there is no release date as of yet.