AGI on Windows XP

Jon I'm thinking of upgrading my OS to Windows XP but I wanted to make sure that my AGI games and development utilities (AGI Studio, Picedit, etc.) wouldn't stop working. Who out there is using XP and can verify that they haven't had problems with AGI?

Robin_Gravel Hi Jon.

Personnaly I'm not going to upgrate to Win Xp because XP has bad rumors of lack compatibility with old dos games.

I guess you can play agi games using Nagi under xp but you might not able to play old games and possibility win 3.1 games or even old win95 games.

With over 100 dos games I own, I'm not going to upgrate my computer to window XP.

Robin Gravel
Mastercard There's one very annoyng thing in making AGI-games with WindowsXP...The text screens to say letter at a time to the screen, so very slow when you are playing a game. Same thing is with the manus. They are veeery slow...Every time Windows gets faster, everything else gets lower(yei...)
juncmodule I put XP back on my computer recently. There is a feature that allows programs to run in "windows 95" compatibility mode. This seems to work okay. I have had problems with more obscure programs and games though. Some people say they can run ANYTHING in XP. I'm not sure how true this is though. AGI games completely lock up XP, EVERY TIME. SCI games do sometimes. NAGI runs perfect though. FreeSCI is coming along and will hopefully be perfect soon. I would recommend trying to find someone with XP and checking it out yourself. It is a great OS. I think it's just a matter of how much risk and extra effort you are willing to take with the whole DOS issue.

good luck,
Zonkie I've been using AGI and XP for a while now and haven't really encountered any problems. There are only a few minor things like PicEdit not working sometimes when trying to load a background to trace. A friend of mine also said that all the text in the games was distorted so badly he couldn't read it, but I haven't had the problem yet.

Otherwise everything works fine.
Mastercard I'm not sure if this is because of XP...but now I can't compile/save any just says that the resource file cannot be saved and blah blah...
juncmodule Try to change the name of your resource file while AGI Studio is closed. If you can't then the file is corrupt. This is a problem that was happening with SCI games. Really bad stuff. Always make back-ups. Also, don't forget to make sure it hasn't somehow been changed to read only. I do this all the time when I back stuff up to CD.

Mastercard No, they aren't corrupted...I just can't save the files...that's not so nice because now I can't do anything...or maybe I'll just use the desktop instead...
mr-t Everything works at least OK on XP.
rwfromxenon Hehe Microsoft's best product... ::)

The only problem I had was when I was running Time Quest through Sarien.