Need a graphistic

Mastercard Yo...My and Flash's game will be late again cause he hasn't done any more graphics.

While I'm waiting him to get started again I'm making my own game, just to get used to^^I think I'll have to draw most of the graphics, but I would like someone to help me a bit here.
The first thing to do would be the main character walking animation. If anyone is interested in making just a few grpahs, inform here and I'll give the details^^
Sidrious play Like what/who has the character shows like? (Knight, teeny, student whit schooluniform, an animal, a poor old man...)
Mastercard The main character shouldn't be a copied ego from some other game, I could do that by myself. He wears a trench coat and a hat, think of Humphrey Bogart.
Kon-Tiki You making an AGI Noir? <Kon-Tiki is crossing his fingers, hoping someone took that challenge and is able to match up to 'Casablanca', 'the Maltese Falcon', etc).

Mastercard to put this in words...
I don't understand what the ******* are you talking about^^Explanation would be a goody here...
Kon-Tiki I'm hoping for a while now that someone would make an AGI-game in the Film Noir-style. Since 'Casablanca' and 'The Maltese Falcon' are Film Noirs, Humphrey Bogart used to play in most of them (leading role in both those movies) and your main character looking like Humphrey Bogart, it's easy to think you're making an AGI-Noir.

Mastercard Ah-ha, ok^^
I thought that it would be nice to make (just for practice) a consulting detective/gangster-style game. Little bit same things like you can see in the old NES game D
Kon-Tiki D
rwfromxenon An AGI Black Dahlia would be cool.
Kon-Tiki Wasn't that 'the Blue Dahlia'?

Mastercard Okay...I've received one answer but I'm still waiting if someone can come up with something^^project is frozen until I get those few first screens and animations.
Kon-Tiki What exactly are you looking for then?

Mastercard I need someone to draw graphics, at least some of them like the main walking animation and backgrounds. I haven't closed the deal with this "mystery artist" yet, cause I haven't seen her work yet.
Parabola i might be interested in helping out if you can elaborate a little as to the sort of stuff you are after.... :-\
Mastercard OK. For the start I would like to see tour work on these first little thingies. I'll coose the drawer after I've seen the drawings...(They don't have to be the final ones, they can be enhanced later).

1.The main character walking animation: A guy in trench coat and with a hat that suits him(Humphrey Bogart...). I think you get the idea. I thought it would be cool if he had his hands in his pockets...but but...I'll give you some space here^^
2.An inventory item, wallet: Wallet with some cards and money, I can make the texts.
3.Background, the main character's office: A quite small room with at least a desk, a cabinet and three chairs. Maybe something else ot something like that...

I think that would be good to start with^^If you (or anyone) makes any of these, please show me^^
Mastercard So...anyone doing anything?
Mastercard Okka!Nobody informed me anything or sent anything so I let (hmm...that sounds too good^^) the "Mystery Artist" draw the graphics, although she hasn't made any work for me to see.
Be waiting for a demo...hmm...sometime^^;
Broken Link I have a view of a walking guy in a black trenchcoat from another game I started. Theres no hat and his eyes are white, but that can be changed if you want.