SQ4 Error is driving me mad!

phantomj Ok I have exausted this on the Subspace Channel for fans of this great series. May be somebody here can help me out.

I recently re-installed the old DOS ver1.1 of SQ4 on my system running Win '98Se with no problems on the install so I thought.

Well I got playing the game and made it to the Galaxy Galleria Mall. When I enter the Software Store and then try to exit I get this error 993.v56 Not Found.

Then it kicks me out of the game.

Any light on this subject will be appriciated.
mr-t I get that error too, but with a different view (80 something when trying to enter the software store with money)
phantomj I discovered that I had a corrupted file.

I was lucky to find a clean copy of the game online.
mr-t Where!?!
sonneveld try ebay. please.. no links to warez.

- Nick
phantomj I found it on Kazaa. It is the dos version and is in a self extracting zip file. No worries nick I don't like using warez sites too many popups for me.

Besides i do own a copy unfortuneately that one file was bad. Also I only got it to repair my copy.
Mastercard I think my WHOLE SQ Collection is corrupted^^;The only games that work without (nearly)any errors are SQ1&2. SQ3 won't work usually, sometimes I manage to put it work. SQ4 works, but the speed is too fast(so I can't for example run in the space ship after coming from the sewers), SQ5 doesn't work at all. SQ 6 is all right until the part where you examine the hair and try to go to the elevator after that. It ALWAYS tilts there...
shine64 that error in sq6 is a common error. its because the computer it runs on is too fast i believe....there are savegames at the virtual broomcloset where u are in roger's quarters immediently after that part of the game. it does that in the windows version too
rwfromxenon Use MoSlo or Turbo. They are both available at Jess Morrissite's page in the downloads section.

Mastercard YES! Turbo has saved me!What can I say except Hallelujaaah!