AGI Band of Brothers?

rwfromxenon Hehe I was thinking of doing an AGI version of Band of Brothers :D
Is this a good idea? I mean, like would it be ethical and/or plausible? Have there been any WW2 AGI/SCI games before?

OMG I'm reading what I just wrote and I have turned into Joey :D

Joey i dont get it. how are you like me? ???

anyway, i think this is a good idea. this would be a fun game. good luck, it would be tough.
SGreenslade There are so many books, movies and tv series that could be transformed into an agi game. Anything is possible if you know your inspiration material inside out and use insane amounts of imagination.

Other than that good luck with it. Any WW2 themed agi game is sure to draw in my interest.
Sami_Tervo Do it!
[quote=Joey]i dont get it. how are you like me?

Hehe I was saying "blablabla, like how blablabla, like. etc."
Hehehe sorry ;)

Joey oh, no i dont care, i just didnt get it. ::)
rwfromxenon If I do decide to make this game... which is a YES... I'll have to do it after Christmas. So... Long wait.