im thinking of making a new game (while or after the making of dq2)

Joey i want to make a horror game. i got some cool ideas and stuff. i may make it, and if i do it may be while or after dq2. i havent thought of a name, i just thought like sharing this. i havent made a horror game and thought it would be cool and fun. tonight the shrieking corpses bleed kinda inspired me. i dont know if it will have a fighting system.
rwfromxenon Cool!
Any idea what's gonna happen or any of the characters?
I could help with the story. Horror is my speciality.

Joey i havent even thought of a name. ::)

im not planning on it yet. it was just a thought. i think im going to make that someday. but winter is rolling around here pretty fast. in the winter, i get so excited and like to do wintery things. so most likely ill fix snowboarding majorly and get a cooler demo of it out.

then after that, we'll see what i can do. i just felt like posting that.