DQ2 demo update

Joey ok. last day/night i worked on DQ2 for a lot. i am just about ready to release the first demo. im not at my house right now (thats why my ip is different) so i cant work on it. all i have to do is fix one bug, finish the logic for a screen, and fix my intro.

i have 2 problems though. one, the intro used to work fine. now after the first object moves like its supposed to, it says not enough memory. i didnt change anything in the intro. how can i fix this? also, how can i set up a little timer? i want it to do this for 10 seconds, then this. how could i do that? your help is greatly appreciated. after this help, i should be all set, and when i go home, i shuold be able to finish it. hopefully the demo will be released by the end of today.
Joey any ideas on those problems?

anyway, i just got back from my grandma's. instead of staying on the pc all day, my grandfather and i made a sweet rail for boarding. then i went in went on the pc and other stuff. most interesting part today was playing monopoly for 3 hours and still didnt get to finish the game. ::) i think i was going to win though, i had 5 hotels.

ok anyway, im not sure if dq2 demo will be done tonight. i have to eat, then i will work on it. i HOPE and will TRY to get it done by tonight. its gonna take a little longer cause i have to figure out those problems. anyway, im not gonna waste time posting, i hope it will be done tonight!!!
sonneveld It's good to hear that you spend quality time with your grandfather. Mine's in melbourne and I never see him

- Nick
Joey yah its cool to have a grandfather 15 mintues away.

anyway, then demo is done, but i worked around stuff.
i still dont know how to set up a timer. help please?
Kon-Tiki If I'm not mistaken, it was something like this:

v100 = x; // x is the number of seconds you want.
v100 --
if(v100 == 1) {
// set code here

This can be a bit buggy, but it'll work as a timer (for more/ the same info, look at Chris's board.

Joey oh ok. thanks kon tiki.