1000th memory bug (I think)

jelleghys I'm making this game, and when playing it, it sometimes suddenly closes. No message. It just stops and I go back to windows.

Is that a memory issue?

I enter a certain room (let's say no 1), and leave it to get in room no 2, I do some stuff in room no2, set some flags and then when I get back in room no1 everything shuts down. The weird thing is, it only shuts down when the ego reaches a certain position (there's nothing special about the position: no signal line, no blocks,...)

It's driving me insane! ???

jelleghys [attachment deleted by admin]

16-bits MS-DOS-subsystem

The NTVDM-CPU has found an incorrect instruction.
CS: 4040 IP: 7090 OP: 0f 0f 0f 0f 0f
<cancel> <ignore>

sonneveld send it to me.. I'll have a look
does it work in NAGI?

- Nick
jelleghys I've tried to send it to you, but your hotmail inbox is full...
sonneveld hrmm.. I had an old 125k klez email virus I forgot to delete. :)

restore, restart or view your inventory.

- Nick
sonneveld feel free to send it again. :) how big is it anyway?

- Nick
jelleghys I think it's about 600 or 900 kB zipped... (will check it when I get home).

You don't have to check the code anymore (because I started all over again for that particular room).

But maybe I'll send the game anyway (you'll be the first to have a look at it)...

>>> I checked it (I forgot I put it somewhere on the web)... It's 941kB, I'm going home now, maybe I'll send it tonight.
sonneveld try "rebuild VOL files" in agi studio.. might shrink things a bit. (go to the resource window, then res menu, rebuild)

- Nick