Behold! My demo!

MagickPoultry After much toil, I beat the clock and finished my demo of Tonight the Shrieking Corpses Bleed. I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon for the weekend, so it was close.

It isn't too long. It does NOT include everything I've done so far for the game, so don't think I haven't done more.

I realize that the instructions for the battles are not extensive (they're under the Help screen), so I'm interested in hearing what you all need explained better.

Like I said, I had to hurry to finish it up tonight, so I didn't have time to extensively test everything. But there shouldn't be any major bugs. If there are, oops.

Some of it might be a tad gross, so consider yourself warned. It's been a long while since I could tell what was over the line.

I can't remember if there was anything else I should say... so...

Enjoy. I look forward to comments and criticisms. I might not see them until I get back Sunday evening.

I forgot- I ought to tell you that the whole map is done, but you can only park at the house you start at, the garbage dump (both in B3), the cemetery, the church, (both in B2), and the cafe (in A2). That should spare you some frustration driving around trying to park places.
Andrew_Baker There's a "line", now?
Andrew_Baker Oh, that's pretty good. I wish the truck wouldn't explode on impact, a la Police Quest I, but I like that map feature. The combat is pretty good, too. I'm anxious for the full version.
sonneveld man.. I can't believe the number of games that have been released or will be released soon. It's a good thing holidays are coming up soon.

- Nick
sonneveld I like what I've seen so far though.. congrats!

- Nick
Sami_Tervo It's cool! I can't wait til you release the full version!! ;D
lemur Very impressive! I really dig the graphics and the story so far. Great work, be sure to complete the game 'cause I wanna kill zombies!

I guess it's because of hurrying to get a demo ready but it would be nice with some more synonyms and alot more descriptions. I often knew what I wanted to do but I had to search and try hard to find the right words. And position-sensitive descriptions for "look" is good.

Example: At the garbage-dump, standing at the back of the truck, unable to move, I tried "look truck" just because I thought of crushing the damned and wanted to find a button or something. I got "no need for that now"... Hard to spot the lever without being told it exists, etc.

Yeah, yeah, i'm sure that'll work out in the full version. Good luck!
Andrew_Baker Oh, come on!! I REALLY DO want to lug around that heavy weedwhacker. ;D
AGI1122 You should upload your game to
Zonkie Hey, I like that game!! Can't wait to see it in full!

I don't think the fighting needs much more explanation, I figured it out pretty quickly. I just love the idea of it and how you can refresh health etc. ;D

One thing maybe to work on is animating some of the doors (especially the church one, because it looks a bit strange when open), and maybe adding closing animations to them as well. Also, if you go to the caf
Joey holy shit. when i saw this game on your web site, i couldnt wait. now after i have played it, it is a great as i hoped!!! it is awesome man! i love the fighting thing. can i fight with that knife? i didnt really experiment. i want to lug around that weed whacker too!! ;)

this game rules. i cant wait for the full version. the graphics kick ass. they are awesome.

I bet sierra would have been jelous of this game. (if they were making agi games)
Joey also, will there be a ReadMe file in the next demo or full version? readme's are my favorite part of any agi game i play. ;) That's great! I love the restroom scene ;D AB FAB!
MagickPoultry Thanks for the suggestions and bug reports. Keep them coming, and I'll fix them when I come back.
MagickPoultry I've uploaded the demo version 0.11
I fixed the bug with the map, and I fixed the description of the truck at the garbage dump so now it identifies the lever. That's all I changed. I thought those two were the only problems that seriously hindered finishing the demo.

I do intend to expand the vocabulary and add more descriptions and possibly animate some of the doors. But I'm going to wait for the full version or a later demo if I have one.

I'm not going to be able to work on the game very much until Thanksgiving. I have two papers I need to start working on and several tests coming up.
Joey also, i found out a bug. when you open the door and go in, if you type drive, it says your not in a vehicle or something.
MagickPoultry You mean if you're sitting in the truck with the door open and try to drive away? If that's the case, yeah, I'll change it eventually.
Joey if i remember correctly yes.