Little Pirate Demo 2

Kon-Tiki The second demo of Little Pirate is now finished. You can get it at my site (Which'll be updated soon ;) ) It is in the serious>games section. I'll upload it to Chris's site too, so you can get it there too when he has accepted it.
Feel free to report any bug reports, suggestions or remarks.

Eigen At the beginnig of the game there's a text: "Now you're searching..." but a next room picture in background.
Kon-Tiki You mean those small pieces of the next room after the intro during the intro? I'll take a look at it to see if I can fix it.

Eigen But the game is very great!! ::) 8) :)
Kon-Tiki That's fixed ;D .

Wait 'till you have died a couple of times ;)

Oliver Cool game I like it very much. Keep up the good work ;)
AGI1122 Your game is now approved and can be downloaded. :)
CapTAmerik@ Hi Tiek,

Well, you didn't brag about it, but it seems you've made a tremendous and cool follow-up to your first demo. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to sharing ideas when we have the chance (but first, let me heal that broken shoulder, ha ha, because typing and producing is going very S-L-O-W at the moment, :-))...

If Larry 4 is going to be anything like LP, I'm wanting it already. I definitely liked your idea for a story!

Andrew_Baker Hey, is anyone else getting the ego-moonwalking bug (caused by view.000 having more than four loops)???

Also, for some reason, AGIStudio won't open up your game... strange.
jelleghys I had some troubles opening it in AGI Studio, but I did it. It said the thing about the game not being a v2 or v3 AGI game....
Kon-Tiki Hmm, I'll better remove that 4th loop and make it into a new view then.

About that opening in AGI Studio: It works fine here. If you want to look at it because you're stuck, don't. Just praise me (in the game) and you'll get all the help you'll need ;D 8) ;D

AGI1122 Hehe, lol, sounds like an easter egg hidden in V. ;D
Kon-Tiki View 0 now only has 3 loops. It's uploaded again and I hope this'll fix that bug.


P.S. Why oh why can't AGI-Studio just copy and paste loops?
Robin_Gravel Hi Kon-Tiki.

I found a serious bug:

At the northern marketplace, if you go up, the game's
stuck in the boucle. The only way to leave is to boost
the computer.

Robin Gravel

Kon-Tiki Ouch, that one's old. Probably forgot to take it out. One sec, it'll be fixed soon. Nope, I lied. It's fixed now ;D

Robin_Gravel Thanks. It works.

Robin Gravel