Henry Copper: terror at White-Mesa

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Eigen What's the story. Some aliens mabye..
LePenguigo LOL! I guess it won
Eigen wrote:

What's the story. Some aliens mabye..

You may encounter some aliens in the game, but not all.
I'm working on the story at the moment.

Robin Gravel
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ehcb Custom game?


Joey what does custom game mean, and we can play multiplayer!!?? this game will be the best since leisure suit larry.

(hope i didnt dis anyone elses games. :-X)
Robin_Gravel With custom game, you can playing additional maps.

Robin Gravel
Joey oh thats pretty cool. maybe you could play 2 player?
SGreenslade I'm curious to see how you'll manage that, robin. Will it work in that players can design their own maps and then play them through the custom menu selection?
rwfromxenon That would be so cool... :D

Hmm... maybe an AGI Map editor is a good idea?

Joey hey that would kick ass!

(if only sierra had all these great ideas.....)

hey i bet if sierra still made AGI games, they would make a lot of money! atleast they would from me!
Shish Wow!
Really cool!
When do you plan to release demo or smth???
Russian gamers won "Cyber games championship"
yesterday at China! They played Counter-Strike...
Maybe someone make a parody of Counter-Strike???
Robin, how can be additional maps in adventure?
Sounds good, but i can't imagine this!
bokkers Hey Robin,

this idea really rocks! I'd love to see a demo of that.
If it's gonna be a FPS-parody why not also have the perspective with the gun in the foreground. In some sniper-scenes from "V" I painted such a thing, actually it was even painted after a screenshot from Quake 2.
If you need some help with the graphics, just holler.

Robin_Gravel Thanks Bokkers.

If I need help for graphics, I let you to know.

Robin Gravel
Robin_Gravel wrote:

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What happened to the screenshots of the Henry Copper: terror at White-Mesa?

Robin Gravel
sonneveld df recently cleaned out all attachments for messages to save some space. He wasn't deleting Henry Copper pictures specifically.

- Nick
Oliver Any story yet? ;D

If not much then a little of the story would be great too.
Robin_Gravel Actualy, I'm working on Naturette 3 at the moment. I left Henry Copper for a while.

The story?

Henry Copper must survive in the world plenty of monsters.

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mr-t I was going to make an HL style game someday. Invasion Squad, where you are an alien slave (fun!)
Robin_Gravel Henry Copper became "Half Death: terror at White-Mesa".

See you later.

Robin Gravel