NAGI and Red Hat 8.0

sonneveld ok,

I've finally got a working version of Linux working on my machine and after a few bug fixes, I've got NAGI working under Linux right in front of me. No longer do I need to hope that it works on other people's Linux machines.

Course, a lot of the porting work thanks goes to RaDIaT1oN (anybody heard from him lately?)

Anyway.. now I've got this working linux setup.. I can work on RPMs and configure scripts and all the exciting dev stuff like that. :)

- Nick

PS Anybody know a decent file manager for Linux? Nautilus is nice.. but slow and doesn't actually have a decent list view like Windows.
nio Try KDE as Desktop. If you are not a "hardcore open-source user" you might like it. The File-Manager, "Conqueror", is built-in. So you don't need a separate prog.
sonneveld I'm not hardcore opensource (and I would prefer to use KDE) but I've tried mandrake with KDE and it was fairly slow. There were long waits between loading programs and it got a bit ridiculous whilst waiting to open different sections of the config program up.

I've done some reading about it and I know it's not really their fault.. it's just their choice of language and the fact that gcc takes ages to do some pre-linking?

I only have a lowly 400mhz celeron. :)

- Nick
nio Sorry. In that case i can't help you.