ive always wondered this, but never knew the answer

Joey in agi studio, there is logic, view editor, etc. there is a text editor i believe (its near the logic button) . what is that intended for? i never examined it to see what its use is.
jelleghys Never used it, but can't you use it for the defines.txt files and stuff... ?
lemur Defines-files maybe?
Kon-Tiki I adjust the defines-files with notepad. Never even thought about using that text editor for it. Did try to find what it's for, but can't find the answer too, so: what's it for?

Joel It is for defines.txt (or another defines file) as far as I know, since defines.txt can't be opened in the logic editor.
Andrew_Baker Yes, definitely for defines.txt.

You can also have separate definition files for each logic if you want, but basically, it's just an all-purpose notepad tool so you don't have to open up any other applications while in AGIStudio.
Joey oh ok. i really dont need to open anything else, but oh well. so its just a notepad thingy.