RE: SCI Online...

Wolverine93955 OK. I've been running a MUSH, kinda multiplayer text-based adventure type game and am losing more and more players due to the lack of graphics. I don't want to be bothered with surrealistic 3D junk.... Never liked it. To gory.

Anyway, I was wondering if there might be someone out there that can and is capable and is interested in helping me to make a system similar to the Realm that Sierra use to have and is no longer directly linked to them.

The first clue that I ahve managed to find in this is that the original Realm client was SCIW. Is this truly a fact? Did SCIW have networking in it? Is this something that might be expected in SCI Studio? I've looked into AGI Online and that would just be to flicking much work. Help please. :)
Kon-Tiki Hmmm, maybe we could bundle powers. Look at the Cinderella-site. We haven't started yet, because we're still looking for people. Our programmer's too busy to do it on his own and we haven't had much response (actually none at all)
Maybe it's best all the SCI Online-makers work on one project instead of all working on different ones.

Mithrandel You might be interested to know that almost the entirety of Sierra's Online Network (The Sierra Network, later known as The ImagiNation Network) was run through a SCI engine. The exceptions to this were, of course, the stand-alone games such as Yserbius, FrontPage Sports, and Red Baron.

No, SCI does not include networking... however, the INN SCI engine *did*.

Unfortunatly, the resources for INN were encrypted using a different key than most SCI games, so you'll need some luck getting into the scripts that would reference the network libraries.
Brian_Provinciano LSCI was quite limited as far as it's online gaming went. It was mostly used for card games and the like. AFAIK, there were now adventure games developed online with it. Computers (and modems) back in the day wouldn't have been fast enough anyways.

Also, LSCI was nothing like today's definition of online gaming. Creating an SCI look a like online system would be much easier than trying to do anything with LSCI. That would be the best bet.

Good luck! Look forward to seeing your project!