Good news!

Oliver I've got some very good news. Lefty: goes on vacation (Not in the right place) demo is ready and you can download it here but I'm warning you the page is not quite ready so just download the game and write opinion into the guest book or just mail me. ;) :)
CapTAmerik@ Okay, it's a good start, although a story or a concept is totally obsolete. I just don't have a clue what I should be doing in this game. Couple of pointers:

-- A lot of rooms don't even have a description for 'look', which is eating me up.

-- Looking at 'Credits' brings up the priority screen. Don't think that's the intention.

Keep it up, fellas!

Kon-Tiki Teeheehee, I can see that you made a lot of work of your pictures. Good job on that one, although you should take more care on the priorities. Some rooms don't have any. What bothered me too, was that I was just wandering around until I heard I had to go into the club. So, to avoid finishing the demo before having seen everything, I went past the club and into a bookstore. Bought a book and ... :-\
Also found a bug: when you walk to the right of the outside of your appartement, you come in the middle of a room with no priorities and which doesn't let you get out.
All by all, this one's promising, if you'll work on it.

Oliver The demo was not quite ready but I will fix the bugs as soon as I can
Eigen I like the game. What's that dog doing on the road next to the bar. It looks dead. Is it?
Joey ill play it when i get home from school.
Oliver I'm warning you it's full of bugs :-\ :P
Joey then this post should be called bad news huh. ;)

its probably better than the other version you sent me oliver. ill fix the bugs if you want. sometime when i have free time. if you would like me to fix them, let me know.
Oliver That would be very great :D ;)