Lasse Holm - the Quest for Revenge

lemur I've just completed my first AGI adventure game, Lasse Holm - the Quest for Revenge. You can find it here:

Click "PC-games" in the menu.

It's kinda short but I figured I would rather finish it than make the project to big. It's supposed to be more funny than well-made, smart and thoughtful. Let me know what you think!

I found AGI-studio when looking for the old Sierra Games and got stuck. That was a few weeks ago.

Thanks for the help I got when developing Lasse Holm!
AGI1122 Go to and upload it to there.
Joey how the hell do i beat the guy at the end? i cant kill him.

so far so good with the game.
great graphics.
CapTAmerik@ Haha, this game is funny as hell. It bends a ludicrous story line with good graphics! I like the big sprites and characters and the way the story resolves.

One question though: why is the hero of the game riding his bicycle almost naked? Just curious.


Joey did you beat it captain? i cant figure out how to kill the guy at the end.
CapTAmerik@ Nope. I did walk into a giant in need of shoe polish and I did kick the hell out of a vendor machine. Sounds logical. Something I would do in ordinary life as well, :-). It's entertaining!

Kon-Tiki Finished the whole game. Laughed myself silly. You sure must hate that Lars Holm-guy. Also like the F10-command, although I've been amazed at how someone can smile like THAT. Tried it, but it just isn't natural. Overall: good work, Lemur!

Eigen I like the game. But I couldn't kill the man at the end of the game.
Joey well, how the hell do you kill him!!!???

i want to beat this game today, could someone tell me how to beat him?
lemur Thanks for playing the game everybody! Seems like you have problems completing it? Hmmm, have you talked to the girl on the bed? She has an electrical dilemma that needs to be taken care of. Maybe you should investigate the painting to the left. Good luck!
Joey ....investigate the picture.... ok. thanks. ill try. this game is cool. the drawings are fantastic! i cant wait to see a more longer game.

will we ever see a lasse holm 2?
lemur Thanks alot Joey! I'm definitely not an artist and I didn't put alot of time and effort into the graphics but I've pleased with the way it turned out. 160*168 pixels might give me a second chance to flower as a graphics-guy! :-)

Got a longer game in the workings, not LH 2 though. No plans for that at the moment, but who knows? Lasse is on TV every week in Sweden so the anger is building up inside alot of people. It needs to come out somewhere, and I'm not a killer. So, games...

Btw, did you solve it yet? If you're completely stuck you can always look at the lamp in the hall just before entering the inner sanctum.

Ah, love that.. "the inner sanctum". Last Ninja 2.
Joey i f'ed the girl, but couldnt put the lubber on. i lost.
SGreenslade Oddly enough the ego bears the same first name as I do...same EXACT spelling...