Which wizard looks best?

ehcb Muddy, modest and down-to earth.


Bright, Bold and beutiful.

No comments about Simon the Sorcerer, please! :P
CESS.tk I would have to go with the first one, I don't like my wizards to be purple headed.
Kon-Tiki Definitly the first one. I don't like the wizard with a purple head. Besides, that sounds too Freudian.

rwfromxenon Unt zoo. How long hafs you heard zeeze voizez Meester Tiki?

Kon-Tiki From the moment I turn that knob. Those voices go: "Tudududuuu tuduu! Traffic reports. A truck has lost his cargo on the E314 towards Brussels. All traffic is slowed down."
Other start when I pick up that stick. Then that terrible ringing in my ears stop and those voices go: "Hi. Is your father home? Oh, I'll call back later."
What can I do about them, doctor?

rwfromxenon You can go to another spechsialisht. I qvit!

AGI1122 I fixed those links for you.
SGreenslade I think you have an obligation to your clients Mr. Freud...

Not to sound like a broken record, but lose the purple head.
MagickPoultry Of the two, I'd have to go with the non-purple headed one. However, I'm going to disagree with everyone else on the principle of a purple head. I think it could possibly work with a different colored robe, maybe one of the blues or the dark purple.

Also, Simon the Sorcerer didn't have purple skin, which is also a plus.
jelleghys Nr 1!

- Jelle
ehcb Well, it's pretty obvious which one people like best...

I don't really like having a brown robe, how would you feel about a dark purple or blue one?
Joey none. ;)


probably the first one.