User input question

randy Is it possible to allow a user to type in a number and then use that number they enter as a variable in an equation?
Kon-Tiki Yep, that's easy. Use the get.string command (or get.var, look in the help-file to see if it exists)

Zonkie If you get it as a string, you can compare it to other strings. To get numbers I think you can also use


. I don't know if you can do calculations with the variable then, though.

Kon-Tiki Thought you could de calculations with evey variable, although it's not recommendable to do it with every variable. This ones shouldn't hurt (unless you're using the special variables)

jelleghys get.num("give a number: ", v255);

*v255 = 10;

Game asks you to give a number... Let's say you enter 40... Then *v255 will be v40, so you would assign 10 to v40.