Stupid, useless tutorial...

ehcb I just felt like making a rubbish tutorial, feel free to ignore this topic.

Making AGI pictures in Paint

1: Getting it the right size.

AGI uses 160x168 resoloution but if you draw a picture onto a bitmap that size it's going to look distorted so use the 'Stretch/Skew' feature in 'image' shrink it vertically by 50%. Now draw your picture.

2: Colours You can edit colours by double-clicking.
This sections shows how to get the AGI colours.

Black: top-left.
White: bottom-left
Pink: bottom, 8 along. Lighten slightly.
Red: bottom, 3 along. Lighten slightly.
Purple: top, 8 along
Dark Green: top, 5 along
Light green: bottom, 10 along
Dark Blue: top, 7 along
Blue: bottom, 7 along
Light Blue: bottom, 11 along
Yellow: bottom, 9 along
Dark Brown: top, 3 along
Light brown: top-right
Dark grey: top, 2 along. Darken Significantly.
Light Grey: top, 2 along.
Teal: top, 6 along.


Use thin black lines to draw the picture and the details, add as many details as possible but don't clutter the picture, make sure that it's clear. basically KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Fine details
You might want to add some shading ot texture to your masterpiece, this section'll tell you what colours match up with others without clashing.

Red, Dark brown.
Light Green, Dark green
Blue, dark blue
Light Blue, teal
Yellow, Light brown.
Light brown (not with yellow), Dark brown
Light Grey, Dark grey.

The conversion
Use the 'Stretch/Skew' feature stretch it vertically by 200%, it will look weird but once you convert it with the vector software it will look fine.

Once converted, keep changing it until you're happy.

phew...all that work and no-one's going to even read this. :-\

jelleghys You don't have to stretch your bitmap to 320x168, Vector changes the bitmap itselfs, you can put any bitmap into vector I think.
What I want to say is, just save the bitmap as 160x168, so you don't have to stretch it every time you want to edit it... :)