SCI resources Gah!

T for ThOMaS Howdy all!! I hope someone can answer this.. it seems this board hasn't been visited much in the past while. ah well, here goes.

Is there a way to extract backgrounds and sprites from VGA games a-la SQ4-6

I want to convert them to .pcx for use in something I'm twiddling away at.

muchas thanks :O)

- T for Thomas
AGI1122 Well you can extract them using an SCI tool at

Right now there is only a SCI VGA view editor, so you won't be able to see/edit the other resources besides views. And it only works on SCI1 games, so games like SQ6(SCI32) and SQ5(SCI1.1 I think?) will not work. But SQ4 will.
T for thomas thanks.. I guess I'll have to use copy and pasting to retrieve the backgrounds I want.

oh.. my comment about the board not being visited much lately.. my screen just refreshed, and I see lots of recent posts, so I guess I was wrong. my bad.

Thanks. you guys rock.
AGI1122 Conversations are on and off here, we only speak when we have a reason to... then there are a few air heads who speak because they want their post count higher. ::)
mr-t Ahem.
AGI1122 See what I mean, a 1 word post, most likely just to increase his post count.
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