Star Commander


Hey guys, somebody uploaded this game last night. I played it for a bit and this games graphics are awesome and a must see. Go check it out. :)
Andrew_Baker Buggy, but nice. Good graphics and sound. I haven't gotten very far in it, because it crashed when a view wasn't set, but I give it a thumbs-up.
CapTAmerik@ This looks a very good beginning to an interesting adventure, although it's a shame the intro was done on the basis of Space Quest.

Could somebody tell me what that item on the floor is, in the beginning. Because I can't get a clue thru looking at the floor or at the environment.

And as I'm a simple Dutch bloke, i don't know the exact word for that object. I tried "pick" but that doesn't seem to work, :-)...

AGI1122 It is called an "axe". :)

And the intro wasn't done on the basis of Space Quest, the only thing it has in common with Space Quest is the background music.
CapTAmerik@ Hey, you're not going to tell me that THAT star-background isn't Space Quest's... ;)

Glad you could help me out... had no idea that thing was an axe...

AGI1122 It isn't Space Quest's background because Space Quest has blue and white stars, this game uses colored stars.
Joey wow. this game is pretty neat. i dont want to play it rght now though.
Rich That's pretty cool, so far. Definitely seems to use an overall Space Quest theme. I can tell the scenes weren't lifted from Space Quest but they do use the same sorts of colors and drawing styles in the mines.

Has there ever been another game with the name Star Commander. I know of Wing Commander but is this name original?

Anyhow, keep it up, whoever is making this game.
AGI1122 The guy making it is Steve Coyle, never heard of him before, but he has some good artistic talent.
sonneveld Bloody hell.. where'd this game come from? It's like it snuck behind us and went "boo" or something.

hwm just pointed out to me that the files date back to 2001 so maybe he hasn't had time to work on it lately and a friend released it. anybody email him?

He hasn't just borrowed from space quest.. a few sounds seem like they're from KQ1, 4 and there's a few graphics from Gold Rush! of all places. But these are only minor things like sounds because it looks like he's done a lot of the backgrounds and characters himself.

The puzzles are good too. there's a couple of "find object, use object" puzzles but getting past the guard requires a bit more thought though.

I keep on playing through to the next room, expecting a "you have finished the demo" message but I haven't reached one yet. I haven't got the heart to look at it in agi studio yet so I'll see how I go.

- Nick
Joey ill email him right now.
Joey ok. i emailed him. i also informed him about this message board. maybe he will post here.
rwfromxenon Woaa!
Cool Game!

Only one problem. How do I get the dog :-
Kon-Tiki Wag-your-tail-and-yell-'Baroom'! This game looks as if it's from Sierra. It has the same feel to it and doesn't make me think that I'm playing a fanmade game. Got to that dog too, gave him some ham, pet him, but he goes away when I walk to the screen with the crying girl. This must be one of the most difficult puzzles from the whole game.
Anyway, it would be great if that Steven continued creating his games. They're awsome.

failrate East of the old man's house is a leash.
juncmodule What the HECK is that pink thing the girl drops!!! Look at ground, look down, look...blah....Has anyone picked that up yet?

CapTAmerik@ Snif.... sad to say, I haven't even found a way out of the mines yet, ha ha.... (but don't hint me.. I guess I'll just have to put my mind to it)...

MagickPoultry It's a hair pin. I cheated.

Does anyone know how you're supposed to find the way through the sewers?
Zonkie Try having a closer look at the trees near the river...
AGI1122 Well I am not sure how old or where this game came from, but I saw an e-mail saying someone uploaded a game, and noticed that I had never seen this game before ever... or heard of it, or it's creator.
jelleghys I really like the game, but there are not enough hints, I think...
juncmodule Yeah, that hair pin thing was pretty bad. There is also the rock on the one screen that I didn't get for a while. I think those are fairly minor overall though. This game really is awesome. I wish this guy would post here and tell us when he made it and all that stuff. Perhaps we could get him to do a revision. Oh, did everyone get to the candle puzzle...I really liked that one.


Darth Greaser Wow! I can't beleive it! I made Star Commander in my part time in 2001. I never acutally finished it or debugged it. I'm sure you noticed the bugs and typing problems(esp. with the leash and dog) I released it on Chris's page without thinking anyone would actually play it. I am glad most of you liked it. I am currently working on a remake of it in AGS with highcolor at 320x200 res, check it out at

The new version will be much improved over the last one. We added new areas and refined the plot. Myself and a team of others are woring on it right now. We should be releasing the demo of the rooms in the mine sometime this month. So check it out!

If you guys liked the AGI version I could be persuaded to finish it and debug it, if you let me know. E-mail me at

AGI1122 Well either engine is fine by me, I liked the game. :)
Darth Greaser I never went thrugh and put all the different ways to type things in most of the game.


that should work, if anyone else is stuck because of a stupid problem like that let me know, and i tell you the answer, or you caould just wait untill the point&click version is released....

and, yes that is a hairpin she drops. Sorry about that.
Darth Greaser As we work on the new version of Star Commander any thoughts on improvements of the old game would be appreciated. You can post them on our message board here
Darth Greaser Any one out there with music talent that would like to compose music for the AGS version of Star Commander please e-mail me at

Steve Sorry, for the delay on the demo, for those of you interested in Star Commander. We have been having some debate over the intro sequence and a couple of elements in the game.

Anyway, the intro is now complete and the demo should be done very shortly.

Peter Hi Steve, hi pals, please, could someone help me to go through the sewers? I found the hint on the tree but it is unusable. Following the NWSWEESN directions I always get poisoned by the snake or I simply return to the entrance. Is there a bug in this sequence or what? Please, help me, I keep stucking in this darn sewer for weeks.
sonneveld I'm pretty sure you're meant to get bitten by the snake along the way. don't you find an antidote?

- Nick
Peter Nope, I didn't. Is it the strange fruit? Or shall I burn the hurt with lighter? Or is it something from way back in the game? Well, I surrender. Please, let me know, Nick.
sonneveld it *could* be the fruit. It's been a while since I've played.

- Nick
Peter Thanks, pal. I survived the snake bite and now I am making a good time in the city of Telbin. :-)

BTW, is there any point list or walkthru for SC 1 somewhere on the Internet?