message to Bri da man

JimmyDean Are you working on Sci studio 2.14 or SCI VGA studio?
Just curious, thanks ::)
AGI1122 He is working on both.
Bob Evans Which product do you prefer? Jimmy's or my own?
Kon-Tiki What're your products?

AGI1122 Jimmy doesn't have any products, SCI Studio was made by Brian Provinciano not Jimmy. :P
Berserk Hey,

Just a small notice to Brian (Please don't take any offence ;))

If you updated the news section on the SCI Studio section of your web-site more regurarly, maybe people wouldn't ask these type of questions so much.

Because you haven't updated it in a couple of weeks already. (People get curious) So even if it's just a VERY minor update, i think you should post it on your web-site.

It's just a recommendation ;D
ciao 8)
Brian_Provinciano About 98% of the people who check my site check this as well. I don't take offence, but it does sound a bit like you're trying to stir things up again.

Another fact is that many questions (like the above) which are directed to me, are accurately answered by other users anyway, so I need not even reply.

An update is coming soon though. I'll post it on my site when the next update rolls around rather than right here. lol! There you go chum! lmao!
JimmyDean Chris, he was talking about "my" products (sausage). Look at my name closer.
Rono Just wondering, why seperate SCI Studio VGA from SCI Studio 2.14? Why not have a uniform studio which can handle SCI games of version 0 to VGA versions, and call different editors according to the version of which the resource belong to?
It might seem petty, but I think it's better to make one powerful tool, instead of two seperate, low-version-tolerance tools.
Think about it, even if its two different studios logically, it can still be integrated into one executable, which delegates authority according to the game selected...
mr-t Ummm... I think it's got something to do with interpreters but you should ask someone like Brian or Chris.
juncmodule I can't really say that, as a SCI Studio EGA user, I would like having the two tools together. For that matter, why not combine AGI and SCI ::)...but, it just doesn't work for me. My understanding is that SCI EGA and VGA have similiar scripting languages, but otherwise, they are vastly different. I think all that would do is make a HUGE download. There would be half of the program that would be completely useless to half of the users. I hate modern programs that have a bunch of "features" that I don't need or use. I like things that are streamlined. Everything is open-source however. I can't imagine it would take much programming knowledge to put all of the tools under one program. An experienced programmer could help the community more by contributing to the existing program, not trying to change it. I saw another post in the AGI forum from you that mentioned a sound editor for AGI, they are in great need of a sound editor and would greatly benefit from one.

Rono I can relate to what your saying, but its alot better to have a program which u don't use half of (except from the download, of course) than to crack your skull, trying to figure out if the program doesn't open a game because of a bug in the studio, a missing file in the game, or because it's an "UNSUPPORTED VERSION" (a term which I find totaly repulsive!)...
About your comment, I was only suggesting an idea, which WAS inteded to contribute to the program, on the judgement of its developer alone. I wasn't trying to change it, cause if I would, I would do it myself...
Regarding AGISE, you and everyone else are invited to read my statement on AGI forum/AGIStudio Wishlist/Sound...
Oh, and I have a suggestion regarding SCI games annotation... I'll hand it over at The Ultimate AGI & SCI Site...
HwM I understand your point, however, you're totally focused on *editing* existing games, while I think SCIStudio is primairly meant to *make* games with... And in that case, IMHO, it would make perfect sense to release seperated programs...
wiki-waki-wookie Bring back the old SCI studio VGA is 35% complete with a bar!!!!
Myst Hey Bri :)

It's been a while since we've talked (seems like forever!), but I've been lurking in the shadows of the AGI/SCI community, trying to have at least some idea of what people are up to these days.

I can't help but be amazed by your dedication to both SCI and AGI. I remember how impressed I was when I had the privilege of testing your earliest releases of SCI Studio (although it was only SCI Graphical Studio then). Needless to say, SCI Studio has come a long way since then, and I am still in awe of your work. I know that you have put in countless hours developing all sorts of utilities for AGI and SCI, and that more often than not, it's been a thankless job.

So, I would like to take the time to say: thanks. You've stuck to it when most people would've been burnt out long ago. I can't wait to see the SCI Studio VGA. You rock! ;)

- The long lost mysterious adventurer