fq2 update

Rich For all of you interested, I've come quite a ways in the FQ2 creation process over the last couple of days. I'm actually quite proud of a few of the innovations I've made within the limits of the AGI system. I've been able to create some elements that I hope standing alone will give people ideas to use in their own games. This includes certain arcade sequences and ways of interacting with other characters.
In general, I like the non-linear story approach I've begun to take with the game. At my current rate, I could be complete very soon. Let's hope that I keep up with this sort of motivation for the next few weeks or the game could still be a couple years away... LOL.
Anyway, I'm so excited, again.
Joey errr, let me suggest something. when your NOT excited, dont keep your tag line the one it is now (im so excited) if you are excited, leave it. ok? then we'll know when or when your not excited.
jelleghys What happened between you guys? (Don't answer that!)

Be kind to each other please... :-* :-* :-* ;D
Joey umm. i dont know. sometimes im nice to rich, sometimes im not. :P

(rich pisses me off sometimes i guess. ::))
Corby I think Rich is always excited! :)
mr-t I'm going to be pissed if Rich is lying again.
Corby wrote:

I think Rich is always excited! :)

Hey, Corby's back! Looks like everybody's getting back again. Now to wait for that guy making Crazy Buddha to announce a release of his full game ;D

Mr. T wrote:

I'm going to be pissed if Rich is lying again.

Lying, again? When did I lie before?

Anyway, I made even more progress last night. Here's what I have left before the game is done:

1 regular scene
2 sex scenes
2 cuts scenes

Well, it's true that sex scenes and cut scenes take awhile, but at least I have finished most of the gameplay. It's gonna be awesome. Remember what I said that I started over with a lot of the material. Something in May inspired me to do this. When you play the game, you will know what I mean.
Joey okay. but now im starting to get excited!!
Corby I'm always here, I just have nothing to say! :)