cant install program

DanWV When i trry to install the game maker it says:

FATAL ERROR: Cant find text for 'VGA320.drv'
This can be caused by a missing install.txt or install.hlp file.
Module: TEXTDICT.cpp (203)

i have install.txt in the directory but there is no install.hlp
Dom "install.txt" contains the driver descriptions for various files. If you open it in Notepad, you'll find it's a text file:

VGA or IBM PS2 - 256 Colors
This selection works with any card and monitor
that claims VGA compatibility. You must have a VGA
card and a VGA or multisync monitor. This selection
will allow 256 colors with 320 x 200 pixel resolution.


Simply copy the file over from another game, or if it's only the vga320.drv description that's missing, paste the above lines at the beginning of 'install.hlp'

If you want me to attach the whole file, tell me.