Serguei's Destiny review (test and see if any errors please)

Joey [attachment deleted by admin]
Robin_Gravel I like your review. Go on Joey.

Robin Gravel
Joey Ok. well i think its all set now. ill put it on my site as soon as i can. robin, im sending you the review file so you can put it on your site if you wish.
Joey im about to put it on my site. robin, im gonna send you the text file via email. im adding a few more things in it. check your mail soon.

ps: are you gonna put it on your site?
Joey Errr, robin? now my web site host (tripod) isnt working to well. it is going incredibly slow. it is taking forever. i reported this and hopefully it will be fixed soon. this isnt the first time this happed..... anyway, as soon as it is done, i will post the review. sorry about this.
rwfromxenon I'm getting that too.
Also, something isn't going right at the end of my uploads. Maybe an email to Lycos is in order ???

Joey i already emailed them. hopefully they will fix it soon. this isnt the first time this has happened though.......

you should email them too. the more they get, maybe the quicker they'll fix it.
Robin_Gravel Finally Joey has reviewed Serguei's destiny.

You may read it at:

Robin Gravel
Joey sorry it took so long. :-