Bugs in SCI games... can anybody help?

Rono Hi, my name is Ronnie and I'm from Israel.
That problems I have are in games played on a Pentium III, and a Pentium 120mhz. Here are the specifics:

In LSL3, at the gym, at each fitness device, I do not get a message saying I exercised enough, even after more than 100 exercises.

In Eco Quest 2, at the village meeting at the Heart Of Gold, when I pick up the blossom, I get an error message stating a resource is missing (I don't remember which one). This problem occured on several downloaded versions.

These problems are not game solution related...
Does anybody know about these problems?
Can anybody help me solve them?
Any help will be appriciated ;D
Omer Mor Hi Ronnie - at last another one from Israel... Ma Hamatsav? ;)
I don't think I can help you too much with those problems. They are known however and 'm sure someone might find a way to help you.
Have you tried the utility moslo that slows you cpu? It might work.
Pikachu14 Larry 3's gym equipment is tied to your computer's speed. If I remember correctly I had to do about 800 of each. Patience, young padawan.
Joe You can get a saved game for it here: http://catz.hispeed.com/lsl//downloads/savegames/lsl3sg2.zip
Rono Hmm... I've previously tried MoSlo and it failed to do the trick...

I was hoping anyone will have a patch/fixed script resouce for it... maybe a SCI interperter with appropriate adjustments to faster CPU's...

Omer: Me'eifo ata ba'aretz?
Pikachu14 Jez' keep it simple guys! Set the game's speed to the max, put one finger on the up key, one on down and blank out for a while. Works for me!
Omer Mor Ronnie: Nahariyah. :) u?
Rono I'm from Karmiel... not too far from u...