Kon Tiki

Omer Mor Slightly off topic - but I just wanted to say that yesterday I was watching (the great) Monty Python's Flying Circus, and is started with a caption that said:
[center]Kon Tiki[/center]

So now I know where this guy's nick came from ...
but still I have no idea what kon tiki means.
Kon-Tiki Should check that reportage on Monty Python, because the only sketches I've seen from them are that fishslapping, those vikings singing spam and the lumberjacksong. Have seen all the Monty Python-movies a couple of times, though.
My name comes from the raft made by Thor Heyerdahl. Six man and a monkey sailing from Peru to Raroia (Polynesia) on a raft made from balsa-wood in 100 days. This expedition took place in 1947. Thor wanted to prove that the first humans didn't go from Azia but from South-America to the islands of Polynesia.
There's a book, a movie and a game about this voyage, but haven't been able to find any of these (yet 8) )
This isn't Thor's only expedition. He made many more, but I like this one best (and Ra is too close to my real name, which I want to avoid when signing up to a new board)
If you google on 'kon-tiki' or 'Thor Heyerdahl', you're bound to find things. If you want the full story on that expedition, I'll translate it (got a Dutch article about it) He himself named the raft after something too, but that's a story on it's own and would make this post too long.

Omer Mor Realy?
Now the sketch makes more sense...
It's (an extremely funny sketch) about a man who has this theory that the inhabitants of Hounslow could have been descendants of the people of Surbiton (2 towns in England), and he sets to prove it. It is made like an expidition documentry, and is hillarious.
You can read the script of the sketch here: