how many views on screen at once?

juncmodule How many views can SCI (EGA) have on screen at once? How many props, actors, etc.

How about SCI VGA? How many there?

I guess how many are allowed max, and how many can be put on before things start to slow down? Or does it even work that way?

Hey Brian? Are you still there? You haven't posted much lately...I hope that means you're just off doing Brian stuff and haven't given up on us... :'( Then again...I suppose things have been kind of quiet around here lately. How is the GBA project going?

Brian_Provinciano I'm pretty much just "working on SCI Studio". There isn't really anything specific to report, so I usually only post when there's news or to answer questions. I don't make whole messages out of "lol", hehe.

SCI0+ should allow virtually an unlimited amount of views, since they aren't hard coded as o0, o1, o2, etc. You can create them calling the new() methods. Of course, SCI does have some memory limitations, but generally, there's isn't really a fixed amount, it's mostly determined by how much memory is free.

I've been working on the GBA stuff, and am quite excited about it, but I've mostly been working on SCI the past couple weeks.
juncmodule Kewl. Thanks Brian. I drew a bunch of backgrounds and decided to add props instead of detailing all of them, that way I could do a lot of backgrounds quickly. I was afraid maybe I had made a mistake though because I didn't count on so many props. I also want to be able to have several actors on screen at once. Heh.

Brian_Provinciano Remember that you can add views to the pictures like with AGI, so they become part of the picture, and then discard them, so they won't take up any extra memory at all ;) You won't even really need to build a whole prop or view instance in your script! With the right code, you can have it draw the view on the background with the right priority and everything, and when done, it will be no different than something you drew in vectors.

Check out the classes in the help file. Good Luck!
juncmodule Hmmm...that just gave me a thought. I know that you can import views at 320 x 190. So, in theory...I could cut and paste a 320 x 190 bitmap, save as a view, then using the technique you describe have SCI Studio draw it on the there anyway one could write the code to save this in a pic format inside of SCI Studio...export it as a pic I mean, during runtime?

This wasn't my original intention...but, it made me think of this...a possibility of a really easy way to make a converter...I tried using the PCXtoPIC converter on your site but, I could never get that to work.

I doubt this will work...I personally wouldn't know how to code

Brian_Provinciano You couldn't do that. Other than the format clashes, inability to export, and file sizes, the priorities/controls wouldn't be there.