I need jokes

Oliver I need some jokes for my game ,please ;)
ehcb "It's a door."
"What?" :P

That's not funny. :-
rwfromxenon http://www.mega-tokyo.com/forum/index.php?board=5;action=display;threadid=1663

Already been done ;D

Eigen Yeah Oliver. Don't copy from me!!!
Parabola what exactly are you after?

something humourous?

easter eggs?


ehcb Talk to inanimate objects:

'You are surprised the here it answer:

Type: xyzzy

"A bolt of lightning strikes you."
"***You are dead***

Kon-Tiki You mean like talking to doors/windows/tables/closets etc or like talking to guards?

ehcb Guards arn't inanimate objects, they move their lips when shouting: HALT! 8)

I do mean doors and tables anbd that, I assume any person would have a reply all of it's own. ;)
Kon-Tiki So you're looking for mirrors saying "What're you staring at, mate?" or candles saying to chandeliers "Shine on, you crazy diamond!"
Nope, don't know any things for that :P

mr-t Hehe. Pink Floyd.

Talking to certain things could produce hidden messages, like chairs, or crates.
Joey hey that would be cool!! talk to something wierd and it will talk back. hee hee hee. cool. maybe ill put it in my game. how about this for a part where people are around you.

(you type): talk (any object in that room)
you start yelling at the object and it doesnt respond as you had hoped.
A nearby woman quickly calls 911. seconds later, an ambulence arrives and drags you to a mental hospital.
You are now dead.

:D that was kinda lame, but i like it!!!
Oliver I'm not copying from you Eigen >:(. I need jokes for "my" game and i'm not going to get the jokes from Al Pond 2 >:(
Eigen Yeah, that's what they all say!!!
Oliver I "new" jokes. :P
Mastercard I still don't get the king idea of this...you want jokes to your game...So do you then want those "Howdy door!" thingies or some "real" jokes or "jokes" jokes, like "A former punkstar was at the gates of Heaven and st.Peter said to him: You won't get here with heavy!"
*hahhah, maybe some finns get the stupid idea of this idiotic joke*

The main thing was: I don't understand your request...
Andrew_Baker "talk anyword"
"Hi, how are you?"
Ego: "Err, fine."
"I don't think so, you're talking to an inanimate object."
Ego: "Good point"
"Don't mention it."
Oliver I'll but this one to my game and matercard i want jokes like the "joke" jokes or something like that
ehcb Writing jokes in several simple steps:

1: Go one Kazaa

2: Download every Spike Milligan and Monty Python thing you find.

3: Steal the jokes.

Andrew_Baker The Space Quest series proves that nothing is funnier than a gruesome, horrific death. Especially if it happens to someone else.