I may make a tutorial

Joey I am thinking of making a tutorial for agi. i know there are lots. but they are on one specific thing. like pics or other stuff. i may make one for people new to AGI. i would mention how to start off with your game. some basic things. you know, everything a new comer to agi should know.

what do you think?
Kon-Tiki Mind the typo's, especially when giving an example of some code ;)


P.S.: That also means: If you want to do that, do that.
Joey thanks. i think im gonna no matter who says what. i just wanted some opinoins or advice.
sonneveld Dont' just do something on logic programming or on creating a view.. try something actually specific.

Look at how Sierra does some of it's tricky stuff and make a tutorial on it. Like the arcade sequences or mazes in Manhunter, or the map screen in kings quest 3, or have somebody walk deeper and deeper into water as they cross the river.

- Nick
Andrew_Baker That's great, Joey. I think everyone should document any new or unusual effects they are able to pull off in AGI. For instance, Kon-Tiki, you might try making a short essay on how you did your fight sequence. I'm planning on writing an essay on my game when it's finished, as well.
Eigen I could help you with some programming tutorial or such things.
Kon-Tiki I can help you with the map. Can crack that baby in less than an hour ;D I'll also make a small essay on the fighting (although I made sure the logic's self-explaining)

Joey thanks guys. crack that baby. lol. thats funny. maybe ill do that, but i think im just gonna do things on starting off with agi.
rwfromxenon Hey, if you wanna make a tutorial for AGI go for it... :D

Kon-Tiki Cracked the map-thingy just before going to bed yesterday. I'll send it here, accompanied with a tutorial for it this sunday (I'm away from 18.30 till sunday afternoon, and don't have the tutorial written now, so...)

Kon-Tiki [attachment deleted by admin]
Joey well, i appreciate the work, but, i never said i was gonna use that. I MAY, so dont get me wrong, but i said i was gonna explain the process of making a game and some basic code and stuff. I may add that. just wanted to let you know.
Kon-Tiki Hmmm, what you're trying to do has been done before. Anyway, I just wanted to make a piece of logic for that and release it so others can use it. I find it fun to work out such things. Yesterday, I was looking on how to make a bowling thingy in AGI (pure hypothetical) on the chat, just to think out how it could be done best.
If anyone has such a thing they want worked out, feel free to ask. I'll make it and put it here (this being a tutorial-topic) It doesn't take too much time. Maybe Joey'll use them sometime too, and if he doesn't it'll still be available.

Joey that is a good idea. if someone already made it, owe well. im still gonna make one. it is going to be my info and stuff.
ehcb Hust a tutorial on action, mini-games would be good. :-\
ehcb wrote:

Hust a tutorial on action, mini-games would be good. :-\

Consider it done ;D Are you looking for something in particular, or is it general action, mini-games?

ehcb Nothing in particular, I just want to know hjow it's done. :)
Kon-Tiki Took some time to figure out how to explain it. Here's how to make a mini-game (or any small feature to your game, like that magic map)

1) Have an idea.
2) Write down all the resources you'll need.
3) Figure out how to do the views best.
4) Draw pics and views.
5) Think about the commands you'll need to use in the logic(s). If you can't think of a good command, try looking in the help-file of AGI-Studio.
6) Add the resources.
7) Write the logic.
8) Test.
9) Polish things up.

It's as simple as that. With this, you can actually make everything that's possible in AGI.