Game on the way

Parabola [attachment deleted by admin]
Eigen Nice picture.
Andrew_Baker Hey, look! Parabola is in the front. You know you look just like that actor guy.
Parabola Muah ha hah!

yes all is not as it seems (hint)

I'm working hard to try and make this game look good, but dont fear the gameplay always comes first.

drawing ppl freehand is awkward so be prepared to spot more famous faces ;D
Kon-Tiki Hehehe, good picture. If the whole game's drawn that way, it'll be as good as the early SCI games that didn't use EGA anymore.
Hope to see Charles the Great in it ;)

Joey wow. thats pretty good. keep up the good work.
rwfromxenon No offence,
But is that a cross between Bones and Spock?

Parabola well actually its a combination of several photographs
of bones, spock and kirk, then i changed kirk to evil patrick stewart and put them in star con uniforms.


id like to add a little more facial detail, but for now that will do i think 8)
Joey are those people supposed to be from star trek. i dont watch any space shows so i dont know.
Parabola yeah, but i'm not trying to rip anything off :)

im trying to get the most out of 16 colours in 160 x 168
and it aint easy. I'm currently working on the first few rooms so there may be an early demo soon - fingers crossed 8)
Parabola [attachment deleted by admin]
Joey damn. your a good drawer!!!
gpm Love the Dark Side of the Moon pic!

Honestly, I don't think you need a drawer - you're pretty good at it yourself.
mr-t Pink Floyd kick ass!

Parabola : That looks great, but your colour order is a bit out. I was drawing a prism the other day, and my artist friend (Sergio) told me an easy way to remember it : Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet or ROYGBIV
Parabola [attachment deleted by admin]
Berserk WOW, your game looks great.....i love things about space too (Star Trek)

I am planning on making a Star Trek like game later on.

be sure to tell us when the game is done.....I will be the first one at the web-site downloading it ;D

keep up the good work! ;)
mr-t "Everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon"
Parabola im starting to get a bit done now so once i have the first few rooms working ill release a demo. ;D

ill try to make it real soon too, so i can get some feedback, i cant show too much art yet or ill spoil it.

wish me luck

...and if the band your in stars playing different tunes,
i'll see you on the dark side of the moon.. ::)
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Berserk Nice Graphic,

You still need help??

Well.....I will edit any graphics you draw if you want?

You could save them to bitmap format zip them then email them to me.

Sorry but i only have experience in editing.....

No Drawing.

If you need an editor, i'm your man!

ciao ;D
Parabola huh?

i dont follow you meaning :-\
Berserk doesn't matter then, forget i offered.

keep up the good work on the game.

ciao 8)
Berserk hows the game goin?
Parabola well. ive done a fair amount of art and planning of puzzles. tho i havent had much time lately to work on it.

Renegade may be put on hold for a little bit, bit t WILL be finished. ill post some pics soon maybe and a demo as soon as its ready.

If you are interested in lending a hand let me know.. ;)
Berserk what could i do to help?
bokkers Hi,

since you are a security offcer you will encounter many threats and situations during the course of the game including the Vulgar High Command, The Bjorn, repercussions of genetix from space quest 5 and much more

Cool! If you need help with graphics, sprites and scripts, count me in. The game sounds promising. And I love the idea of encoutering the Bj
Parabola thanx, ill keep you posted real soon...

to anyone interested in helping with graphics, it would be greatif you could send me an example of your (agi)work.

send to

to anyone else, just sit tight for a bit.

8) 8) 8)
Berserk Hey,

How's the Game Going?
Will it be Released Soon?

Ciao ;D
Parabola Yeah, ah i've been very busy lately, what with the holiday season upon us and all.

I have been working away at the goame when i get time, ive been overhauling a bit of the story and trying to make everything fit in an make sense.

the game will see the light of day but it wont be too soon.

ill be busy in the next few months, but ill keep working away and release a demo when i can.....