SCIBLG type program

smartguy240 We need a SCIBLG-type program...I am now learning SCI and i think it would be useful!

Joe You can do File - New - Room Script in the script editor, unless I didn't understand what you meant.
smartguy240 It would be like a program where you have the room's intal script pre made for you...

Is there any tourials out there for SCI?

Joel smartguy, the File->New->Room Script does do something like what the AGI Base Logic Generator does, although it doesn't appear to have quite as many options.

There seems to a bug in the dialog box though for the Room Script generator. If you choose for the pic number to be different from the room number and enter a 3-digit number, the program gives you an error message saying that the pic number must be between 0 and 999. Either that's supposed to be a 99 or the program doesn't allow enough digits.

Also, should letters be allowed in that input box? You might consider setting the edit box's style so that it includes ES_NUMBER. That way it won't allow any other characters but numbers.
smartguy240 Dude... I can hardly do anything on SCI Studio (no offense Brian) but there are too many errors and bugs and the view editor won work for the 1st and 2nd loop.... and stuff like that!

Berserk He said that he's gonna fix all the bugs in the next release (2.1.4)
juncmodule Yeah, a word of warning with SCI Studio, it acts strange on some people's computers (like mine). If you're using WIN98 it just randomly glitches and twitches (kind of like WIN98). For the most part once you get used to the glitches it works fine.

I always jump between microsoft paint and SCI Studio when doing views. I draw everthing in SCI Studio, export a frame (copy & paste) AS SOON as I'm finished with it. Once I have all of my frames I import one at a time, cycling back and forth through the frames to make sure they aren't corrupted. Once I have a good view I save it and make 1000 copies (okay not 1000, maybe 2 or 3 copies). I usually have to do this for each direction for the view.

It sounds completely insane, but once you get used to it, it's easy. As far as I know memory leaks are to blame. The views get corrupted at COMPLETELY random times. Basically, SCI Studio is just like any Sierra game, SAVE ONCE A SECOND. This may all sound bad, but, it's really not. So long as you save often and back up often, none of these things should cause you a problem. I have never lost any signifigant amount of work because of the glitches. One MAJOR tip. Copy the directory of the game you are making after any major overhauls. Twice I had the RESOUCE.001 file lock up or something?? It ruined the entire game. Luckily I had many backups. ;D These problems might not exist on all OS's, my computer has a lot of "personal issues", but, regardless I imagine at least some of these errors occur in other OS's. I'm sure most if not all of this stuff will be taken care of in the next update.

Good luck,
smartguy240 I am using XP... :-\ The view editor not working is what is really making memad..

Berserk Welcome to my world, the world with Windows XP Compatability issues.

I got WinXP also, Man, it is hardly compatible with any old software :'(
Eigen You just have to get used to SCI Studio and its bugs. After some time they don't seem to annoy so more.
mr-t Windows XP is built on Win 2K, which has excellent compatibility.

You are nuts!