Weird AGI Studio problem...

Joel Ok, I recently got an upgrade to my computer and the people who did it botched the job. They didn't uninstall old video drivers, change BIOS settings, or anything. When I got the computer back, I couldn't uninstall the video drivers myself because the stupid uninstall program had an "initialization error" and quit before doing anything.

To make a long story short, I had to reformat my hard drive and reinstall Windows and reload the drivers. Before doing this, of course, I backed up all my data, including my files for Jen's Quest. Now that I've reloaded my system, however, I can't seem to open the game. It keeps telling me that there was an error reading one or more files, or the directory doesn't contain a v2 or v3 game. The thing is...the game runs fine with both the Sierra interpreter and the NAGI interpreter.

Any idea what the problem might be?

(BTW, I'm running Win98 SE).
Joel oh yeah, I can also open the game in the Resource Browser I wrote for the BLG.
HwM Joel, by any chance, did you backup it on CD?
Joel Yeah, I did...I just figured it out after attempting to restore from a current zipped backup. Apparently AGI Studio can't open the game when the files have the read-only attribute set.

I keep forgettting that burning stuff onto a CD sets that attribute automatically.

rwfromxenon Hehhehheh.
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