memory issue?

Joey last night, i worked on dq2 for like 4 hours. you know what i got accomplished? half of a 30 second intro. i have a strange problem. it opens and then you press enter to start playing, or if you wait, it will play the intro. i press enter to skip the intro, it loads the first screen, and i can play fine. but, if i watch the intro, it does everything, then it loads the first screen. i can move around, but i cant access the menu. how can i fix this, and is it a memory problem? the quicker i get an answer, the more time i will have to work on the game today. ;)
Joey could someone help me with this!!??
Joel it's hard to tell, but it probably isn't a memory problem. It's probably that your game does different things if you skip the intro than if you watch it. Make sure the code to create/enable the menu is in a place where it will get executed regardless whether you skip the intro or watch possible location for such a thing is in the "first room" section of your first room.

if ((prev_room_no == 0 || prev_room_no == 1))

If that's not the problem, then it may be a memory issue, but I can't say for sure.
Joey well actually i think it is something about the prev room thing. before that, i hit enter to skip it and it didnt show ego and i couldnt use the menu. i dont think i could use the menu at least. wait, yes i could. but ego didnt show up. i did the prev room thing and he showed up. but now if i watch the intro, it loads ego, but the menu is not accesible. i didnt get what you meant joel. i do prev room? i think i did that.....
Joel In logic 2, you should have some code that looks like this:

if (new_room)
...maybe some junk here...

if ((prev_room_no == 0 || prev_room_no == 1))

...some more junk here...

The part that tests the prev_room_no is only true if the game is just starting (or restarting, I think).

Somewhere in your code is code that skips the intro when you press a key...this will probably be in either logic 0 or logic 1. Find this code...
Joey i know where that code is. it is like if(have.key)
or something like that. so what do you want me to do with that code?
Joel what happens if (have.key) is true?
Joey i think that means if you press enter right? if i press enter, it skips the intro and loads the first playable screen. (screen 3) if i dont press anything and wait a little i set it so it plays the intro.
Joel are you on aol im right now? this would be easier if we could do this in chat instead of over the message board
Joey im on as larrylaffer5
Joey ok now i fixed some stuff. if i skip the intro, i can access the menu, and type look and stuff. everything works. if i watch the intro. i can type look and it works. i cannot access the menu. if i type in quit it says i dont understand your request.

the reason the menu didnt work before was because f14 (the menu flag) was not set. :-