poll about my games.

Robin_Gravel Allyb asked for it.

If you don't know about my games, you'll find them at:


Robin Gravel
rwfromxenon I voted SD. Hmm, Naturette seems to be winning...

Question: Which is your favorite game series made by me?
DG series 0 (0%)
Naturette series 2 (66%)
Serguei's destiny series 1 (33%)

Total Votes: 3

Kon-Tiki Go Serguei! You saved that small village of which I can't remember the name (Mauledit or something like that), so you can win this without any effort. Kick that little nude girl's ass!

rwfromxenon Jolomie.

Kon-Tiki Okido. Must be mixing up names again. Jolomie... why does that remind me of lobotomy? (Don't answer that, you'd go incredibly off-topic)


P.S. We're doing that now, too :-\
Robin_Gravel It's Jolimy, guys.

Jolimy. Lobotomy. What a laught!

Robin Gravel
Robin_Gravel Naturette series got 4 votes.
Serguei's destiny series got 2 votes.

Naturette won.

Didn't I tell you Naturette rules?

Now the poll is closed.

Robin Gravel

Note for Serguei fans: don't worry I don't left Serguei's destiny 2 because Naturette won but expect to see
more Naturette games.

Kon-Tiki Hmm, what I'd like to know now is who voted for Naturette. The only posts here seem to be about SD.

Joey a few questions (like i always have. ::)) anyway, what is the object in the naturette game? i really havent played robin gravels games much. (actually, i really dont play fan made agi games that often.) since i beat serguei's destiny, i really liked it and wanted to know what robins other games are like. i havent played any DG games i think. what are those about?
Robin_Gravel Good thing I didn't lock this topic, I just locked the poll.

In Naturette Series, Naturette got naked by accidently
and got lost somewhere.

In Naturette 1, you must find the 8 diamonds and a cloth
to finish the game. This game is a type in command.

In Naturette 2, you must find a treasure to complete the game. This game has point and click system. You don't
need to type any commands to play the game.

For more information about Naturette series why not to read reviews from variety of sites.

Naturette 1 review at The ultimate agi/sci website.

Both Naturette 1 and 2 reviews at The lair of the grouch:


DG series are complete games but those are testing series. Unlike other series, DGs are not a serious

If Brian releases SCI Studio VGA, be sure to see a new
DG game for testing how the sci vga works.

Robin Gravel
Joey oh. what does DG stand for?
Robin_Gravel You should play one of dg games to get an idea.

Another DG game: I want my C64 back is the best game in the DG series.

Robin Gravel
Joey ive played i want my c64 back and was wondering why it was so short. ok i get it now. it is kinda like a test game you wanted to release. i get it. thats kinda like all my games. ::)

you can count another vote for serguei. i love that game! (too bad the poll is locked.)
SGreenslade Jolimy...Why does that sound like a town somewhere in Quebec?
SGreenslade wrote:

Jolimy...Why does that sound like a town somewhere in Quebec?

I found not Jolimy and Jolimie on the Quebec map.

Robin Gravel
SGreenslade Then where the hell did I hear it from? All these d